Week 1 Thursday, 10th September: Themed Presentations (Free to Attend)

10:00 am - 10:30 am Case Study: What Can We Learn from One of the Industry’s Largest GBS Transformations?

Alexander Jochinger - Head of Sanofi Business Services – Region Europe, Sanofi

As a late comer in shared services, after spending a few years integrating tactical functions, Sanofi has made an impressive leap of faith to lead a true GBS transformation since 2018. In this keynote session, Alexander will share the strategy behind the transformation, key pillars they’ve been working on and the progress so far to guide the colleagues who are on similar journeys:

·        Define the Sanofi Business Services (SBS) strategy and key pillars

·        How did we organise ourselves around end to end processes with a customer centric, user focused organisational model

·        Break the industry norm and challenge status quo through true strategic relationship

·        Leveraging smart technology to achieve 30% cost reduction

·        Evolve the culture of SBS to focus on creating business impact


Alexander Jochinger

Head of Sanofi Business Services – Region Europe

In a period when many organisations are undergoing a massive transformation in their people strategy, cost orientation, business focus and inclusion of automation & robotics in everyday work space, how do we continue to create a “Wow” experience for customers? Join this inspirational session to hear what the industry leaders are working on:

·        Creating a “Wow” experience for customers: what are the effective tactics to do that?

·        How to take a consumer driven approach in technology implementation?

·        How does empathy and design thinking improve customer experience in shared services model? 


Fausto Brembilla

Senior Vice President, Global Head HR Service Delivery


Phil Priest

Senior Vice President Global Business Services
Smith & Nephew


Salvatore Russo

GBS Strategy Director


Sagarika Mohapatra

Director - CDS Operations, Hungary & GBS Site Lead
BT Group

10:30 am - 11:00 am How A/R Shared Service Leaders Could Fill The Talent Gap In the Age Of Data-Driven Businesses

Dave Hughes - Global Business Services, OQ
Gwyn Roberts - Vice President, Order to Cash, High Radius

The COVID crisis has accelerated the overall pace of digital transformation requiring the global workforce to adapt to technology and the disruption brought by it. Traditionally order-to-cash GPOs look for candidates with determination, good communication skills and affable personality. But this wave of digital disruption has put them in a position where they consider critical and analytical thinking, problem solving and strategic decision making as must-have skills for their teams.

Join Dave Hughes, Global Business Services professional at OQ - as he shares his insights on how the past 7 months has given rise to the digital future of finance shared services. He will then deep dive into the need for workforce transformation and skillset reassessment for A/R teams at this time; while further highlighting focus areas for global finance leaders to emerge successful in the aftermath of this pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Looking back: How COVID impacted the operations of finance and A/R shared service centres
  • *Survey by World Economic Forum: How trending skills in 2022 would significantly be different from the traditional skills
  • For the digital future: Data, analytics, automation & skillset reassessment should be a GPOs priority


Dave Hughes

Global Business Services


Gwyn Roberts

Vice President, Order to Cash
High Radius

10:30 am - 11:00 am Case study: Developing the Best-Fit Employer Branding Strategy for your Shared Service Organization

Anna Gugala - Head of HR Operations, Arla Foods
Joanna Grzegorzewska - Talent Acquisition Manager, Arla Foods

How does employer branding for a business service unit of a company attract the relevant candidates?

-         Strategic pillars of Employer Branding

-         Steps towards developing your Employer Branding Strategy

-         Brand your organisation as an employer of choice by aligning your business objectives and the right talents

-         Investing in Employer Branding will make you save in hiring costs… and engage your employees!


Anna Gugala

Head of HR Operations
Arla Foods


Joanna Grzegorzewska

Talent Acquisition Manager
Arla Foods

11:00 am - 11:30 am Unlocking agile AP : A journey of continuous improvement with Orange Business Services

Martin Torres - Finance Business Transformation Manager, Orange

There is a misconception that AP automation is an isolated, temporary project. On the contrary, realizing success requires AP teams to view the road to automation as a journey of continuous improvement. In this session, you’ll hear from Martin Torres, Finance Business Transformation Manager at Orange Business Services, about the strategic approach to AP automation responsible for their digitization success, and how their unique long-term continuous improvement program provides the foundation for truly agile AP.


Martin Torres

Finance Business Transformation Manager

·        Driving process excellence from technology, process and people perspectives

·        Creating a culture and shifting the mind-set towards process excellence

·        Ensuring a balance of culture and value to achieve long term process excellence


Srinivasan Ram

Vice President, Global Business Services


Pawel Kalinowski

Delivery Excellence & Reporting Director


Khurram Shahzad

Global Head of GBS Transformation and Business Relationship Management
British American Tobacco


Krystian Bestry

Chief Executive Officer
Adaptive Group

11:00 am - 11:30 am Panel: What Does It Take for Enterprise to Effectively Work With Startups and How Must Startups “Show Up” to Work with Enterprise? Unlocking the Secrets to Collaboration

Philipp Bartkowski - Senior Manager, EY
Dan Rose - Head of Strategy & Operations, Novartis Business Services
Bobby Abraham - Vice President Finance Transformation, AstraZeneca
Cem Dilmegani - Chief Commercial Officer, Hypatos

Today’s business services climate demands innovation that will allow SSOs & GBS Organisations to leap-frog the status-quo and ratchet up the benefits of shared services. Fortunately, there is a parallel push from startups who bring not only the innovation, but also the risk-taking character and agile infrastructure to support exponential value creation. During this panel we will discuss:

·        Effective methods to identify relevant startups to work with

·        What would you need to see from a startup today to begin work with them tomorrow?

·        What are the biggest challenges when working with startups/enterprise with examples on how to overcome

·        Pillars of effective technology/partner ecosystem in the context of GBS being a digital transformation engine 


Philipp Bartkowski, Senior Manager Consulting, EY


Dan Rose, Head of Strategy and Operations, Novartis Business Services

Bobby Abraham, Global Vice President – Finance Transformation, AstraZeneca

Edmund Zagorin, Founder, Bid Ops

Cem Dilmegani, Chief Commercial Officer, Hypatos


Philipp Bartkowski

Senior Manager


Dan Rose

Head of Strategy & Operations
Novartis Business Services


Bobby Abraham

Vice President Finance Transformation


Cem Dilmegani

Chief Commercial Officer

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Time to sharpen your vendor insights: Visit the virtual exhibition hall, download content, view demo videos and chat to them directly!

The virtual EXPO Hall is packed with the most relevant solution providers that will help you advance your shared services journey especially in the areas of digital transformation and process automation. All of them are showcasing their capabilities through demos and live chats. Make sure you take this time to visit all the exhibitors to win points to get ahead on the leader board! Great prizes are for grabs!

·        Visit a virtual Booth: 250 points per booth visited

·        Download a brochure from a virtual booth: 25 points per item

·        Download/watch a video from a virtual booth: 25 points per video

·        Start a text chat conversation in a virtual booth:        250 points

·        Start a chat in a networking chat room: 150 points

Prizes are given out at the end of the event! Make sure you don’t miss this great opportunity to visit vendors and win prizes! 


During this week's Startup Pitch Session, you had the chance to hear from many innovative startups and rate their pitches. The top rated startups have been invited back for the finalist pitch! In this round, each startup gets a 10 minute Q&A slot in front of the Startup Zone Advisory Committee. The judges will deliberate and the three winners and prizes will be announced during the virtual drinks session at 16:00. Tune in to hear who is awarded SSOW’s Best Startup Pitch.


Judging Committee:

Tony Saldanha, President, Transformant

Christian Mertin, Global GBS Solution, EY

Sarunas Suipis, VP, Operations and Managing Director, Western Union

Dan Rose, Head of Strategy & Operations, Novartis Business Services 

Deb Kops, Founder, Sourcing Change


Tony Saldanha



Christian Mertin

EY Global GBS Solution Lead Partner


Dan Rose

Head of Strategy & Operations
Novartis Business Services


Sarunas Suipis

Vice President Operations and Managing Director
Western Union Processing Lithuania


Deborah Kops

Industry Influencer and Shared Services Expert
Sourcing Change

In this panel session, hear from GPO leaders about how they are encouraging a collaborative approach for their end to end business excellence. Learn how they are:

·        Overcoming key challenges for GPO model development

·        Constructing optimal organizational structures for GPO model to thrive

·        Creating cohesive enterprise wide technological programmes

·        Creating a cross-functional culture and organisational-wide continuous improvement initiatives


Marcel Angst

Executive Vice President Global Business Services


Michael van der Steen

Vice President, Order to Cash


Khurram Shahzad

Global Head of GBS Transformation and Business Relationship Management
British American Tobacco


Rakesh Sangani

Managing Partner, Finance Transformation, Shared Services and Outsourcing

Despite all the talk “bots stealing our jobs”, people remain the No. 1 asset for the success of shared services. But in competitive markets with widening skills gaps, what can companies do to foster, engage and sustain committed talent? Discussion Points:

·        Attracting and retaining key talent

·        The importance of creating a culture of loyalty

·        Creating the workplace of the future – encouraging cross-generational collaboration


Petter Frisell

Business Services Director
PPG Industries


Edoardo Peniche

Vice President and Managing Director
Avis Budget Group, Global Shared Services


Diwakar Singhal

Global Business Leader


Jennifer Sturch

Head of Global Business Services Finance UKI

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Case study: Leveraging lean, automation and chatbots to achieve a touchless P2P process

Lion Paauwe - Head of Finance Services Center / Global Head of Purchase to Pay, Signify

·        Optimise global P2P process Leveraging lean principles and automation

·        Leveraging chatbots to manage incoming queries and develop a touchless end to end process 

·        Key lessons learned throughout the journey 


Lion Paauwe

Head of Finance Services Center / Global Head of Purchase to Pay

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Case study: Automation for everyone - scaling RPA by crowdsourcing ideas

Jens Knoblauch - Executive Director Digital & Business Services, Linde Group

Join this session and discover how Linde has raised multi million business value through their collaborative approach to make RPA available to everybody. Lean about:

·        Building company wide awareness for automation and robotics through a multi-stage process discovery journey

·        Leveraging a crowdsourcing platform and starting a Global Process Automation Challenge to bring RPA to every employee

·        Setting up an effective mechanism to collect, evaluate and implement the ideas generated through


Jens Knoblauch

Executive Director Digital & Business Services
Linde Group

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Case study: Keeping pace in the transformative age: Mars end to end journey

Angela Mangiapane - President, Mars Global Services, Mars Inc
  • Angela Mangiapane, President of Mars Global Services at Mars, Incorporated, will offer insights on how it is an imperative that GBS organizations today focus not only on flawless execution of operations at scale, and at the same time innovate quickly and continuously.  
  • She’ll describe the vision for improving the way work is done through an integrated end-to-end strategy built to deliver efficiency, effectiveness, Associate experiences and actionable insights—all done with speed and agility.
  • Angela will also outline how her team evaluated prioritization of end-to-end processes spanning Record to Report, Invoice to Cash and Invoice to Pay, Order to Cash, and Source to Pay.
  • Lessons learned will be shared around how to redefine the role of the GBS.

Angela Mangiapane

President, Mars Global Services
Mars Inc

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Case study: Institutionalizing the Automation capability in a Hybrid Delivery Model

Chad Keenen - Director of Shared Services, Corning Incorporated
  • Building internal Automation capabilities over BPO
  • Establish, Operate, Improve, Grow – Digital Process Operations
  • Evolving to Digital Solutions as a Service (DSaaS)
  • What’s next? Building from the foundation and enhancing our Digital Process Operations journey

Chad Keenen

Director of Shared Services
Corning Incorporated


3:00 pm - 3:45 pm EY GBS Leaders Meetup Exchange for: CESA (Closed Door)

Guillaume Macczak - Associate Partner, CFO & GBS Advisory Services Lead, EY

GBS sector has become a stand-alone industry in Central & Eastern Europe with more than half a million of jobs. The focus is on delivering services in an efficient and effective way, with intelligent automation being a key driver. Has this journey been successful? Has it been a hit or a hype? Share your views and learn from other SSC Heads in this closed door exchange.


Guillaume Macczak

Associate Partner, CFO & GBS Advisory Services Lead