Week 1 Friday, 11th September: Themed Presentations (Free to Attend)

10:00 am - 10:30 am Case study: How Dell is bringing Innovation to accounting in the ‘20s

Mieke Van Gheluwe - Vice President, Finance (Global Accounting Shared Services), Dell Technologies

·        Establishing centres of excellence for business partnership & automation continuous improvement

·        driving E2E transformation – process simplification, tool scalability & BOTs

·        People-driven innovation - learning maps, rotations of talent and establishing a robust sense of purpose 


Mieke Van Gheluwe

Vice President, Finance (Global Accounting Shared Services)
Dell Technologies

10:00 am - 10:30 am Case Study: Dare to Disrupt – Schneider Electric’s Digital Transformation of the Employee Experience

Dan Hutchinson - Vice President, HR Services Europe, Schneider Electric
Wojciech Iwanczak - Director of Global Digital Services & Innovation, Schneider Electric
  • Building a HR digital transformation program with employee experience in mind
  • Linking HR transformation to sustainability and the meaningful purpose of Schneider Electric 
  • Using New Ways of Working to focus on Making Digital True in Human Resources

Dan Hutchinson

Vice President, HR Services Europe
Schneider Electric


Wojciech Iwanczak

Director of Global Digital Services & Innovation
Schneider Electric

  • Centralisation and Trend to CoE - Insight into overall SSC direction and the move towards added value tasks
  • Solving the Challenges to enable flexible Deployment - Understand how the concerns can be overcome with Intelligent Tech and how this ultimately enables risk-based flexibility in deployment.
  • Deeper Dive into How Technology can Solve - Understand current and future models and focus on the core benefits tech can deliver and challenges it can solve.


Mark Boakes

Client Advisory and Strategy
Thomson Reuters


Robert Green

Senior Director – Software Sales, Corporates Europe
Thomson Reuters

10:30 am - 11:00 am Case study: Applying Agile HR to your HR Shared Services Model

Jérôme Dano - Head of Global HR Services, Nestlé

As organisations becoming more agile, HR needs to provide the same services it’s always provided — hiring, professional development, performance management — but in ways that are responsive to the ongoing changes in the culture and work style of the organisation. This session will showcase key strategies and tactics to help you achieve agile HR:

·        What HR Shared Services stands to gain from integrating design thinking and agile as a project management methodology

·        Tips on change management to ensure a successful agile transformation

·        Challenges and best practices on building agile in HR at scale 


Jérôme Dano

Head of Global HR Services

11:00 am - 1:00 pm Time to sharpen your vendor insights: Visit the virtual exhibition hall, download content, view demo videos and chat to them directly!

This is the last day for you to claim your prizes from demo drive. Make sure you visit all the booths to win prizes.

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm Case study: Redefining finance: from evolution to revolution

David Woodall - Director of EMEA Partner Engagement, Trintech

·        Perceiving digital disruption as both an opportunity for growth and a challenges for change

·        Will analytics be housed within finance or be a companywide function

·        Technology vs. people…getting the balance right

·        How will changes in the workforce affect the finance operating model


David Woodall

Director of EMEA Partner Engagement

  • Moving from a traditional HR structure into a people focused experience by actively engaging with stakeholders
  • Removing a tangle of legacy systems and varying processes to improve standardisation
  • Exploring the future of virtual shared services, gig economy, physical vs. remote workspace 

Nadia Hutchinson

Global Human Resources Operations Director


Rahul Malhotra

Director of Service Delivery
Avis Budget Group BSC (Hungary)


Jamel Ziani

Global Vice President, Global Financial Services
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.


Mark Barlow

Founder & CEO

Finance leaders understand about budget constraints and ROI more than anyone. It is imperative for finance leaders to leverage emerging tools to achieve more in their transformation. This panel discussion will explore:

·        Beyond automation: What are the other emerging tools you can leverage to boost your finance transformation?

·        Utilising big data effectively to focus on delivering maximum impact

·        Value-add activities…moving away from the transactional and towards knowledge-based activities.


Ekkehart von Roda

Global Finance Digitalisation Lead
DHL Supply Chain


Emmanuel Ranchin

Head of Finance Transformation
Secure Trust Bank


Adrian Talbot

Global Chief Financial Officer


Howard Cosby

Managing Partner
Aveiroe Europe

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Case study: Not all services are the same! Introducing ING’s “Signature Service” Concept and how its creating business impact

Andreas Mayer - COO Global Human Resources / Head of Global People Services, ING

Not all services are the same. With this concept in mind, ING launches their Signature Service to focus on services that create the most business impact. We’ve all been to a restaurant where we experience their signature dish which usually are often times a specialty and always delicious and with the same mind set, Andreas and his team is looking to create something special to add value for the business. Discover how:

·        Different services creating different business impact

·        Measuring every journey to identify the pain points

·        Identifying signature services based on the indepth measurement of business impact 


Andreas Mayer

COO Global Human Resources / Head of Global People Services