Week 1 Monday, 7th September: Workshops (Premium Pass)

Workshop A

10:00 am - 11:00 am Designing, Planning and Implementing Digital Business Services
Rakesh Sangani - Managing Partner, Finance Transformation, Shared Services and Outsourcing, Proservartner

Setting up a SSC or GBS enables organisations to benefit from improved agility and scalability, meeting the needs of the business, reduced costs, better analysis of existing data, and impact on the top and bottom line. In this deep dive workshop, learn more about getting the concept right, finding shortcuts through automation including robotics, building the business case and taking the business with you. In particular, the workshop will enable you to:

• Discover the “needs to know” for location strategy

• Establish a clear roadmap for change, and clarity and vision for your transformation

• Understand your new market, the talent capabilities and the opportunities for future growth

• Take a balanced approached to RPA and other automation (as part of setting up)

• Importance of stabilisation (and not just focusing on Go Live)

• Build effective governance models

• Learn from companies who have set up in the region about what they did, and crucially, what they would do differently


Rakesh Sangani

Managing Partner, Finance Transformation, Shared Services and Outsourcing

Workshop B

10:00 am - 11:00 am Creating your Future of Finance Function for 2025
Daniel French - Head of Commercial Finance, Trintech

Organizations need to spend more time understanding risk and less time managing data— approaches that deliver that efficiently and effectively, and drive quality into the process, have immense value.” - Jim O’Connor Managing Principal Advisory Practice Hackett Group

Sometimes it is necessary to reinvent the wheel. Outdated legacy systems, manual, messy processes and workflows, and teams who need to be reskilled to embrace digitisation are all common aspects of the pre-transformation journey within finance SSOs and GBS organisations. 

And yet, in 2020, the Finance SSO leader has a vast array of tools in his or her kit to proactively address functional and business-wide transformation. In this session, strategise how your finance function is required to transform, and walk away with a clear plan for the future.

You will discuss: 

• From “Back-Office” to “One-Office” – proactively moving up the value-chain to support enterprise-wide decision making 

• The role of digitalisation, risk-based automation and IA on your future operations 

• The challenges of automating complex processes and how you can ensure your teams prioritise materiality over routine 

• How you can drive end-to-end process excellence to bring a reduction in the cost of finance and agility to manage change


Daniel French

Head of Commercial Finance


The session will bring the comprehensive practitioner’s view on challenges of global business process management function and its role in SSC success - from SSC ‘Incubation Phase’ to a mature Global Business Services Model:

·        From strategy to execution – the role of the GPO in the organisation change

·        Process re-engineering and target operating model as the basis for effective GBS set-up

·        Develop process governance and transparent measures reflecting business opportunities

·        GPO in the driving seat for harmonisation and digitalization

·        Knowledge management framework as key enabler for SSC success

·        Evolving strategies for process automations


Krystian Bestry

Chief Executive Officer
Adaptive Group


Arian Shahmar

Director of process excellence Source to Pay & Lead GPO


Justyna Szklarczyk-Wojdak

Program Manager & Senior Consultant
Adaptive Group


Beata Kaźmierczak

Program Manager & Senior Consultant
Adaptive Group

Workshop F

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Boosting the order-to-cash cycle with centralised, AI-driven automation - Featuring customer success studies from leading companies
Karl Devos - Manager Solution Engineering, High Radius

Process complexity and system intricacy are key challenges for companies as they manage their order-to-cash (O2C) cycles. This workshop will show how you can utilise automation, RPA and AI technology to replace “puzzle solutions” that add complexity to your IT infrastructure and only solve part of the problem. Hear firsthand from an integrated, end-to-end platform to overcome challenges, drive added value and efficiency in every phase of the O2C cycle, and successfully establish a full digital transformation. In this workshop, participants will:

·        Learn about how an O2C platform enables businesses to seamlessly manage all customer interactions through a single, centralised solution

·        Understand how emerging technologies such as RPA and AI-driven machine learning can help drive the O2C cycle

·        Walk away with an in-depth understanding of connecting people, process and technology

Karl Devos

Manager Solution Engineering
High Radius


Workshop G

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Driving Impactful Transformation, whilst Cutting Costs, during an Economic Crisis
Jo Hart - Senior Executive Advisor, Serviceware
Johann Diaz - Director, Strategic Business Value Consulting, Serviceware

With the recent COVID-19 Crisis has come an increased pressure to Digitally Transform, whilst simultaneously cutting costs. For many IT and Shared Services teams their initial focus was enabling an entirely virtual workforce overnight. Now they suddenly find themselves under pressure to reduce costs and increase the pace and performance of their digital initiatives. But where to start, without a clear view of the bottom line profit delivered from each of those initiatives? This workshop will look underneath the digital service transparency carpet - we’ll discuss why a deeper understanding of how IT and Shared Services are; made up, consumed, budgeted and ultimately cross-charged is essential, in order to optimise investments.

Delegates will leave the session:

  • With an in-depth understanding of the challenges of running IT and Shared Services as a business during a Financial Crisis.
  • Having learnt how to embrace the tools and methodologies available to cross-charge Services internally and to sell them externally.
  • With new concepts for ensuring regulatory Compliance in complex cross-country service set ups.


Jo Hart

Senior Executive Advisor


Johann Diaz

Director, Strategic Business Value Consulting

Workshop H

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Embrace Finance Process Robotics to boost efficiency
Jeroen Volk - CEO, Cevinio

Progressive finance leaders form organisations seeking a competitive advantage have adjusted their strategic priorities to deliver digitisation across finance function to achieve cost reduction, efficiency as well as greater data driven insights. Join this session to learn how you can accelerate your finance digitisation process with proven ROI:

  • Applying artificial intelligence in your accounts payable processes
  • Improving compliance by applying algorithms on unstructured text
  • Delivering and measuring ROI through finance robotics 

Jeroen Volk


Workshop I

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm 5 ways AI can transform Shared Services
Rob Harvey - Global Head of Solution Consulting, Sidetrade

With the need for working capital increasing and pressure on organisations to turn revenue into cash, this session will outline how you can create value using Artificial Intelligence. The session looks at the range of ways AI can assist your staff – whether it’s automating core processes, reading and acting upon inbound communications, or predicting the behaviour of customers and proposing strategies most likely to produce the best outcome.

This session will look at the range of opportunities presented by Ai, the potential benefits of each scenario and what is required in order to realise those benefits. The session will include a live case study from a Shared Services Centre in Europe discussing how they are using AI today.

Areas explored include:

·        Improving working capital

·        Increasing workforce efficiency

·        Making smarter decisions

·        Growing customer revenue


Rob Harvey

Global Head of Solution Consulting

Meet two executives from SSON Analytics’ Top 20 Most Admired SSO Benchmarking Study. They will compare benchmarks, performance drivers, and strategies to drive continuous improvement and address shifts in priorities as a result of the global pandemic.


During this panel discussion, attendees will:


·        Gain insight into some of SSON Analytics’ top benchmark metrics

·        Hear how top companies are prioritizing metrics for long-term value

·        Learn how metrics drive continuous improvement 


Maciej Piwowarczyk

Vice President, Global Business Services


Edoardo Peniche

Vice President and Managing Director
Avis Budget Group, Global Shared Services


Syazana Lim

Lead Research Analyst
SSON Analytics

As shared services continue to grow and mature, many companies are operating with a hybrid model with both captive and outsourced teams. It is critical to develop an shared services eco-system to strive for process and service excellence, manage the intricate stakeholder and customer relationships, meanwhile embracing digital and technological innovations for the next level performance. This masterclass will dive deep into the strategies, tactics, challenges and key steps that GE Global Operations has taken in the past 12 months to transition themselves from a captive to such an Eco-system. Join this masterclass and get all your questions answered as Bjorn taking you through their journey:

·        Case study: Transitioning from a captive 11,000 person organization to a shared services Eco-system

·        Delivering process innovation and service excellence through a central shared services team, 3rd party providers and business specific teams

·        What have been the key lessons learned? 


Bjorn Bergabo

Chief Operating Officer
GE Global Operations


Kelly Nobles

Executive Leader
GE Global Operations


Sriram Nagarajan

Global Operational Controller