Week 1 Wednesday, 9th September: Themed Presentations (Free to Attend)

10:00 am - 10:30 am Case study: Leverage organisation design to meet changing business needs throughout the shared services lifecycle

Jan Nikus - Head of Global Shared Services, KONE

Jan has spent 18 years in the shared services industry, helping 4 different organisations setting up their SSC centre for different objectives at different stages of maturity. He will share some of the great lessons learnt in this session:

  • Taking organisation design from the business perspective
  • What does your shared services do for your business and how does that evolve as business change?
  • From setting up to expansion to continuous improvement to transformation: how is organisation design playing a key role in achieving these objectives at different stages?
  • How does shared services and outsourcing organisation integrate better with the overall business?

Jan Nikus

Head of Global Shared Services

10:00 am - 10:30 am Case study: Deliver end-to-end process benefits through service delivery remodeling, growth expansion and augmented workforce

Dr. Frank Schüler - Managing Director Global Service Center, DHL Global Forwarding

Following the decision to move their finance operations in-house, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight Shared Services has doubled its size, and is now app. 4,500 people strong, 10% of their entire employee base. Yet it was only the first step they took towards their transformation goal for end-to-end process excellence and value creation. In this session, discover how they are:

  • Moving up the value chain at a rapid pace through service delivery remodeling (moving in-house), rapid expansion and service Standardisation
  • Establishing a GSC Academy to focus on Learning & Development
  • Managing and leading the culture change from order takers to strategic partners
  • Building fully augmented workforces with human and virtual service delivery alive and the key lessons learned

Dr. Frank Schüler

Managing Director Global Service Center
DHL Global Forwarding

10:30 am - 11:00 am Re-examining your Operating Model as your SSC moves up the value-curve

  • Re-examining the activities within your centre: What else can you absorb?
  • Teaching your staff to be data miners: Finding client insight to steer the business
  • Re-skilling the back-office

10:30 am - 11:00 am Utilising intelligent automation to deliver a digitized service deliver model

Digital services, particularly intelligent automation, ranging from RPA to AI has exponentially increased in importance as we navigate the new shared services landscape. Join this session to investigate how SSC’s are rapidly taking advantage of the full range of intelligent automation solutions to deliver the digitized services delivery model the situation demands, plus building immunity to future crises.

·        Coupling automation with intelligence for maximum results

·        Strategising and conceptualising the full range of IA tools for your business to deploy

·        Scaling intelligent automation globally through the strategic and digital lens

·        Top tips for change management to deliver rapid intelligent automation change

Collecting cash, check—GBS delivers. Margin pressures, check—GBS is in vogue. Business resiliency, check—GBS hasn’t skipped a beat when it comes to productivity. But what’s in the cards going forward? Enterprise models will change, The business will refocus, enterprise models could change, there could be a new boss and power structure. The panel will ponder what trends could increase or decrease GBS’s impact, and suggest likely scenarios. How should the model should evolve beyond responding to business conditions, changing its potential to create sustainable value? Deborah Kops will moderate a panel of industry leaders with particularly strong opinions on the future of GBS. 


Sandy Khanna

Managing Director, Group Business Services


Jay Desai

Vice President, Global Business Services


Astrid Hartmann

Director of Group Business Services
Rolls-Royce plc


Deborah Kops

Industry Influencer and Shared Services Expert
Sourcing Change

Bringing AI into the future workforce is about human-machine collaboration. This interactive panel session will not only explore what that looks like but provide you a path to get there:

·        Covering the automation ground to maximise efficiency

·        Where and how does AI come into the story?

·        What are the currently available AI tools?

·        Building the future workforce through augmented digital workforce 


Martin Tomczak

Head of Strategy, Process Excellence & Digital, Global Business Services


Gediminas Buivydas

Head of Digitization and RPA
Ignitis Group


Maria Teofanidu

Head of RPA
Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company


Sajesh Gopinath

General Manager, UST SmartOps™
UST Global

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Demo Drives from the Virtual Expo Hall

Build your vendor insights through the short and sharp 5min virtual demo drive sessions! You can choose any exhibitor from the Virtual EXPO Hall to start listen to their key capabilities. It is only 5 minutes of course feel free to book a meeting with them if you would like to understand more! Collect a virtual stamp from all exhibitors to join the prize draw to win prizes!

Here is your chance to hear from more startups about their unique product, value proposition, and the ROI they bring to shared services & GBS organisations.

How It Works: Each startup has five minutes to pitch, focusing on how their product is a better solution than what is currently in the market and detailing what problem it solves for SSOs. Attendees will rate the pitch on a scale of 1-5; Based on the pitch you just saw, how likely are you to be interested in a further conversation? The top rated startups will be invited back

to the finalist pitch session on Thursday, 10th September at 12:30 PM where they will enter the Snakepit and participate in a line of questioning from SSON’s Startup Zone Advisory Committee. 


Philipp Bartkowski

Senior Manager


Oliver Oram



Miikka Savolainen

Chief Commercial Officer

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm The two sides of the shared services coin: A unique perspective on the future of global services, relationship and workforce management

Eva Makedonska - HR Director, Ingram Micro

• Relationship and global services management: Understand what really matters to your customers 

• A new quest for talent and skillsets to support digital transformation 

• Adapting the workspace strategies to the younger demographic employees 

• OneIngram: Developing a collaborative approach to boost performance, service excellence and relationship 


Eva Makedonska

HR Director
Ingram Micro

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Optimising the global business services backbone through process mining

  • Pushing the limits of efficiency throughout the Order-to-Cash and Purchase-to-Pay processes with help from Process Mining
  • Optimise buying and selling processes by strategically targeting late paying customers and consolidating vendors for increased bargaining power
  • Picking up where BI tools and spreadsheets leave off, Celonis straddles five disparate ERP systems, allowing the procurement team to find immediate synergies post acquisition, delivering better outcomes across the organisation from customers to employees and shareholders alike

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Case study: Accelerating process integration and talent management to advance your GBS transformation

Natarajan Gopalan - Global Head of Integrated Business Services, Philip Morris International

·        Implementing a robust GBS integration strategy and framework

·        Developing clear and standardised metrics and KPIs to achieve service excellence

·        Developing integrated global process capabilities beyond functions and locations

·        Developing a productive talent management system as core to GBS transformation


Natarajan Gopalan

Global Head of Integrated Business Services
Philip Morris International

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Case study: Between Robotics, Workflow Systems and Process Optimization: How to lead with a digital Transformation

Javier Sánchez - Head of Global Shared Services, Thyssenkrupp Business Services

Join this session to discover Tyssenkrupp’s unbiased approach in digital transformation to solve process and business problems.

·        Start with process management instead of tools

·        Assess to group IT capabilities, existing tools across the business and emerging technologies to have a basket of solutions for evaluation and selection

·        Scale digital transformation beyond shared services to empower the companies

·        50 bots, 20 workflow systems and counting…how are we making big impact on process stability, quality and business relationship? 


Javier Sánchez

Head of Global Shared Services
Thyssenkrupp Business Services

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Ask the experts Panel: Creating brand new services and expanding functions with stability to help your business bounce back quickly

Jakub Wojdat - Director Finance, Global Program Manager Finance Shared Services, TE Connectivity
Julio Ramirez - Director, Global Business Services (GBS) Poznan & EU IT Director, O-I Global Business Services

We tend to answer value creation with function expansion. Yet in the current business environment, we need to truly push for innovative ways to add value and help the business to have a strong bounce back. We must dig deep into our creative brain to find brand new answers and this panel will do just that. Join the panel and explore:

·        Brand new services we can offer to support company strategy, weather crisis and drive growth

·        Creating opportunities for growth and expansion

·        What can we do with the data and information we have collected?

·        Can we predict the business requirements and get ahead of them?

·        Navigating internal politics, developing trust in operations and creating a change management strategy to manage transition smoothly


Jakub Wojdat

Director Finance, Global Program Manager Finance Shared Services
TE Connectivity


Julio Ramirez

Director, Global Business Services (GBS) Poznan & EU IT Director
O-I Global Business Services

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Case study: Using process discovery technology at scale to identify and deliver intelligent automation opportunities

Arjun Narayan - Co-founder, Soroco

The RPA landscape has changed. Many leaders are moving beyond early task-level use cases by implementing additional technology such as process discovery and intelligent document processing into their programs. These complementary solutions play a key role in scaling to advanced, end-to-end use cases with greater business impact. 

A Supply Chain and Logistics team at a global F500 pharma company uses process discovery technology to grow their automation pipeline, drive a holistic approach to transforming processes, and scale to end-to-end intelligent automation. Early successes are now leading to a global expansion. Join this session to learn how in their first deployment they were able to:

• Create an automation roadmap of 18 high-ROI processes 

• Inform process cleanup before automation, including combining 5 x-functional sub processes into a single process

• Deploy an intelligent automation solution that reduced Average Handling Time (AHT) of the end-to-end process by 95%.


Arjun Narayan


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Virtual Drinks with Speakers

3:00 pm - 3:45 pm EY GBS Leaders Meetup Exchange (Closed Door)