Christian Meier-Staude

Director, Global Transformation, HR Strategic Planning JTI

Transformation and HR Director whose international accomplishments have radically changed Human Resource Management and Organisational Structures through innovative conceptualisation and culturally sensitive implementation. Adept at fostering inter-divisional co-operation where differing agendas and other impediments had stalled strategic progress. Renowned as a Coach who empowers teams to flourish individually and collectively, seeking consensus and engagement before managing complex transitions to world class practice and new levels of excellence. A persuasive and patient negotiator, insistent on fairness and respect as foundational principles, uses Agile Leadership skills which entrench a culture valuing diversity, innovation and flexibility.

Week 2 Thursday, 17th September: EY GBS Leaders Summit (Invite Only)

Thursday, September 17th, 2020

2:15 PM CASE STUDY: How is JTI Building a GBS organisation during the global pandemic

JTI has a unique story to share: As the global pandemic hit, they were at the planning stage of their GBS organisation across three continents. They didn’t slow down and since then had a very interesting journey of hiring, onboarding, transitioning and eventually building their GBS organisation, every step done remotely. Join this session to hear some of the key lessons learned:

·        Overcoming unexpected challenges: Ramping up a GBS organisation across 3 global locations through a global pandemic

·        Creative ways of building brands, hiring and onboarding remotely

·        Instilling a OneGBS culture across the global workforce that have never met each other

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Christian.

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