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La identidad de su empresa en los servicios que entrega

By: Marvin Espinoza A

A strong brand identity is important to the success of your business. Nowadays, competition is very high in all the different media, which is why one of the key factors is to be able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. It is key that we take time to evaluate what we execute and results.

Summary of Our New Market Report: The State of Latin America Shared Services in 2019


Every year, SSON’s global market survey highlights significant progression in Shared Services models. The past few years have shown a clear trend away from transactional, human-based work towards knowledge-driven activity enabled by data and automation. Yet, and despite the anxiety unleashed by “automation”, this has not translated to obvious job losses. Instead, Latin American shared services organizations (SSOs) are developing new competencies and taking on growth without adding headcount, frequently by leveraging new Centers of Excellence and expanding into new services and geographies.