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Cultivate Culture and Innovation at SSOW Latin America 2019 (Guía de Eventos)

Latin America has become an increasingly popular destination for organizations looking to establish shared service centers, either serving domestic markets or as part of regional or even global shared services strategies. Whether you are new to implementing shared services in Latin America or wor ...

Program Highlights • Puntos destacados del programa

What's New at SSOW LATAM 2019 (Lo nuevo en SSOW LATAM 2019)

This document highlights what's new in this year's program and lists out all of the early confirmed industry leaders who you will get to learn from on-site. Whether you are working on defining or revamping your shared services strategy, looking to implement a shared services center, or focusing on optimizing...

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Solicitud de Aprobación

Presenta esta carta personalizable a tu Jefe la cual detalla las razones por las que debe asistir al 14mo Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Latino America, y estará seguro de recibir permiso para unirse a nosotros.

Current Attendee List (Lista Actual de Asistentes)

Take a look at the Shared Services experts that will be in attendance at this year's Latin American Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit.CEOs, VPs Generales Gerentes, Directores, Gerentes Regionales y Analistas se reunirán en este agosto para discutir nuevas perspectivas acerca de servicios compartidos.

Is a Visa Needed for Costa Rica? ¿Se necesita una visa para Costa Rica?

Do you want to double check and see if you need to obtain a visa to attend SSOW LATAM 2019 in San José? If so, we have you covered! Take a look at the breakdown we put together of Costa Rica's visa requirements by nationality. We have also included a...

Past Attendee List (Lista de Asistentes Pasados)

Take a look at the industry professionals that attended last year - you can expect to see similar people this year! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with these decision-makers.CEOs, VPs Generales Gerentes, Directores, Gerentes Regionales y Analistas se reunirán en este agosto para discutir nuevas perspectivas acerca de...

A Letter to Convince Your Boss

Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming event this September in San Jose and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us.

Presentations from SSOW LATAM 2018 • Presentaciones de SSOW LATAM 2018

Ecopetrol promotes a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Ecopetrol is the largest company in Colombia, one of the 50 largest oil & gas companies in the world and one of the four largest in Latin America. Its Shared Services Organization provides transactional and value added services (HR, infrastructure, assets, financial and administrative operations). As a result of the...

Driving Operational Excellence with Limited Resources

Charlie Calderon, Global Head of Operational Excellence, World Vision, presents on:Effectively transitioning work for a significant number of countries in a fairly short time frameDriving transformation that enables better collaboration and the adoption of standard processes and best practices across the boardIntegrating on-going continuous improvement efforts with the use of...

Move from Transactional to More Strategic Business Services

Christian Yllescas, Business Services Head for the Americas, LEDVANCE, presents on:Transforming KPIs from SLA accomplishments to quality assuranceMethods on introducing the Lean culture to Shared Services operationsInvoicing structure: best practices on obtaining productivity yearly challenge of 5% cost reduction

Form a Global Services Culture to Promote Engagement and Cooperation

Newly created Shared Services organizations may struggle with employees feeling outsiders from the core business resulting in disengagement and a lack of belonging. In this presentation, you will learn how Johnson & Johnson (through its “WE Belong” program) has managed to:Create a culture of engagement and belonging to J&J and...

Identity Management (IDM) Administration on a Shared Services Center

The importance of administrate a correct segregation of duties within an organization has several benefits on how to handle all end-to-end processes within an organization. Having a defined methodology, robust controls, the correct technology tools and an experienced team, guarantee the correct assignation of system accesses to all employees, and...

Lessons from Organizing a Versatile Shared Service in 3 Years

Mirtha Yamamoto, Group Director, Shared Services Delivery Americas, MMG; and Mary Cahajuanca, Services Delivery Support Supervisor, MMG, present on: Improving internal collaboration, talent retention, and placing an emphasis on driving employee experience through self-servicesManaging local customers expectations and perceptions, and implementing analytics to anticipate internal customer’s needs

A Collection of Past Presentations from SSOW LATAM 2018

In preparation for SSOW Latin America 2019, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on: Promote a Culture of Transformation and Continuous Improvement: Andres Ponton Venegas, Director of Shared Services, EcopetrolGuiding Principles to Create the Next Generation FSSO: Eduardo Prada, Director...

Recursos en español

Adopte el nuevo entorno de servicios compartidos en su fuerza laboral

La función y el valor agregado de los Servicios Compartidos se redefinen constantemente a medida que el entorno empresarial interno y externo continúa cambiando.La digitalización, la demanda de datos en tiempo real y, más recientemente, la automatización, se combinan para presurizar los Servicios Compartidos para que reaccionen y se adapten....

Guía de ScottMadden para crear una organización de servicios compartidos.

ScottMadden, Inc., una de las empresas de consultoría de gestión general líderes en América del Norte que se especializa en servicios compartidos, recientemente se unió a líderes de la industria como patrocinador y presentador en el evento de Servicios Compartidos y Outsourcing Week Latin America de SSON. Este evento ofreció...

Latin American Content • Contenido latinoamericano

Market Report: The State of Latin American Shared Services in 2019

The Latin American shared services market has made significant progress over the past few years. The market is shifting from transactional, human-based work towards knowledge-driven activity that is enabled by data and automation. Yet, and despite the anxiety unleashed by “automation”, this has not translated to obvious job losses. Instead,...

How Change Management is Supporting the Automation Agenda

SSON’s Global editor Barbara Hodge speaks to two transformation leaders in Latin America who are guiding automation through their enterprise to get tips on change management strategies that work. New automation solutions impact not just our work but our life – and are introducing disruptive work practices. The benefits are...

The State of Latin American Shared Services Centers in 2018

We surveyed 50+ Latin American shared services leaders regarding the scope of their operations in 2018. The results share insight into geographic reach, maturity and scope, operating models, GBS implementation and more.

Latin America-focused SSCs Overtaking Multi-Geos

While the US and UK generally lead the world in terms of shared services, we have seen, over the past five years, extraordinary growth from the Latin American region. Playing into the region’s favor are the high skill levels of its talent pools, established infrastructure, and time zone proximity to...

ScottMadden guide to creating a Shared Services Organization

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading general management consulting firms specializing in shared services, recently joined industry leaders as a sponsor and presenter at SSON’s 2018 Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Latin America event. This event offered a unique platform for attendees to learn the latest on operational excellence,...

Past Performance Drivers for Latin American Shared Services

SSON Analytics surveyed Shared Services professionals in Latin America to find out the talent challenges and Intelligent Automation (IA)/ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) strategies in this region. Play with the data to answer core questions such as:What is the most significant challenge Latin American SSCs face regarding talent?What are the...

Building Shared Business Services with Limited Resources

We sat down with two of our speakers from 2018, Mirtha Yamamoto and Charlie Calderon, to hear their top recommendations for building multi-function shared business services and for driving operational excellence with limited resources. Mirtha Yamamoto is the Group Director of Shared Services Delivery Americas at MMG and Charlie Calderon...

RPA Related Content • Contenido relacionado con RPA

Robotizing your Financial Close Process: Industry Survey Results

SSON and BlackLine conducted a survey of global finance and accounting leaders to gain a better understanding of robotics automation and the dramatic impact it can have on technology, process, and people.  The survey results provide an understanding of the strategies and approaches to automation adoption in the financial close...

Use of robotic process automation for a global plastic manufacturer

Compiled by Auxis, check out this case study that dives deep into the use of robotic process automation for a global plastic manufacturer. Learn about their solution to their shared services issue.

RPA Report by Auxis: Robots in Your Back Office

In this excellent report put together by Auxis, you’ll find all the necessary information about how RPA applies to shared services and human resources. Learn about the cost, speed, analytics, control and scalability needed to make RPA a success in your company.

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SSOW Latin America - Agenda

Nuestro compañero, La 13ra Semana de Servicios Compartidos y Outsourcing se va a llevar a cabo en el Hotel Intercontinental de San José, Costa Rica, del 9 al 12 de septiembre. SSOW LATAM es su oportunidad exclusiva de reunirse con ejecutivos de nivel C de las principales organizaciones de servicios...