Pave the Way for Future Business Growth and Dramatically Reduce Costs with a Fully Optimized Shared Services Organization

Allanar el Camino para el Futuro Crecimiento Empresarial y Reducir Drásticamente los Costos con una Organización de Servicios Compartidos Totalmente Optimizada

Considering that over the past decade, Latin America has emerged as one of the fastest growing destinations for shared services and outsourcing due to its geographical proximity, multilingual capabilities and low-cost arbitrage amongst other benefits, whether you are looking to adopt a shared services model for the first time or to optimize an existing model, you don’t want to miss out on this exceptional opportunity.

Considerando que durante la última década, América Latina se ha convertido en uno de los destinos de más rápido crecimiento para servicios compartidos y externalización debido a su proximidad geográfica, capacidades multilingües y arbitraje de bajo costo, entre otros beneficios, ya sea que busque adoptar un modelo de servicios compartidos. Por primera vez o para optimizar un modelo existente, no querrá perderse esta oportunidad excepcional.

Designed for Shared Services leaders responsible for optimizing service delivery in the Latin America region, the 13th Annual Latin American Shared Services and Outsourcing Week is your definitive source for the quintessential tools, knowledge and solutions necessary to take your SSO to new heights of efficiency. This is your organization’s exclusive opportunity to hear from today’s leading shared services and outsourcing champions in the region during thought-provoking keynotes, case-studies and interactive sessions.

Don’t Miss Out On The Chance To:

  • Maximize SSO performance by embracing innovative approaches for identifying, attracting and engaging stellar shared services talent
  • Attain the skills and know how necessary to not only successfully launch a new SSO but also expand and optimize an existing organization
  • Find out what it takes to successfully set up a new shared services organization in the LATAM Region
  • Know how others before you successfully incorporated new, high value-add services to boost both the financial and strategic impact of an existing SSO
  • Master change management in the age of digital transformation and enhanced employee expectations
  • Reach new heights of performance and efficiency by embracing innovative process optimization tools and strategies such as GPO and RPA to streamline cross-functional processes from end-to-end
  • Cultivate a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to ensure your team effectively identifies and capitalizes on new areas of value creation
  • Master change management in the age of digital transformation and enhanced employee expectations

What to Expect in 2019



New Location! San Jose, Costa Rica

New and Exciting Site Tours

Maturity, GBS, and RPA Tracks

Country Specific Rountables

Brand New Speakers & Topics



Walk away with lasting connections and enjoy over 10 hours of built-in networking time, from like-minded peers from over 10+ countries.



Case studies panels on emerging technologies, data/analytics, digital transformation, and strategy to move to a GBS



Networking in San Jose, Costa Rica

Lunches and Networking Breaks



Region and function specific Interactive Discussion Groups [IDGs]: Take a deep-dive into your most pressing SSO-related challenges during these small group, practitioner-ONLY discussions



Workshops that offer powerful, actionable strategies for implementing a SSO, cultivating a culture of change and innovation, building a business case for GBS, realizing your digital transformation journey, and creating the next gen SSO


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