U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) seeks Service Director

Are you interested in running a business while making your government more efficient and effective? As a Service Director at the Program Support Center (PSC), a component within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), you can do just that.

Just like companies in the private sector, the federal government is adopting a "shared service model" in which administrative activities are being consolidated and provided on a competitive "fee-for-service" basis. The Program Support Center is a shared service provider with a 20 year history in saving taxpayer dollars while providing top quality services to federal agencies and employees. As a PSC Service Director you will have the opportunity to gain experience leading the delivery of services across a spectrum of functions, including: finance, procurement, real estate, logistics, occupational health, and other activities like call centers and travel management.

Service Directors need many of the skills of someone running a moderate to large-sized business, including: ability to communicate a vision, determine what products/services to offer, set and oversee the execution of a budget ranging from $10M-250M, drive innovation and process improvement, and lead a staff of 20 - 1,000 employees with a "Start with Yes" customer service attitude. In PSC, Service Directors rotate every two years to oversee a new set of services (see www.psc.gov for additional information on the PSC service offerings).

We are looking for savvy, passionate business professionals who want the entrepreneurial environment of a private sector company along with the stability of a larger employer like the federal government. Successful candidates will have experience in marketing and business development; a proven ability in finding, attracting and hiring talent; managing people effectively in a multi-level organization; leading the delivery of high value services; and reducing the cost of operations while increasing the satisfaction of customers. In this position you will have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of key operational functions, including: accounting services, procurement, managing a network of 300 occupational health clinics, making financial payments, operating call centers, managing facilities, overseeing and managing an inventory of real estate, providing occupational health/wellness services, employee travel booking and expense reimbursement, and operating fitness centers.

For additional information on Service Director positions with PSC, please visit www.psc.gov/jobs.