Workforce Optimization: improve productivity, reduce costs, and meet service goals

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Whether you’re a shared services organization or a BPO, your greatest assets are your people. Improving the productivity, utilization, and effectiveness of your people can drive down costs, speed delivery and SLA achievement, increase capacity, and improve customer/stakeholder service. But this is no easy task.

For more information on optimizing your workforce, as well as the benefits it can bring, make sure you download our Workforce Optimization whitepaper.

This webinar is for anyone who is responsible for getting the most out of their teams. If you want to learn how to improve efficiency and productivity, this is for you. We will share our Top 5 Opportunities for Increasing Capacity and Productivity. Register now to find out how to:

· Validate process adherence by employees

· Align resources and skills to work types and customer demand for faster turnaround

· Capture performance data in a standardized framework for better decision making

· Empower employees to improve their own performance and contribution.

· Track work items through processing and identify those at risk of missing service goals

Through customer case examples, we will illustrate how Workforce Optimization enables these capabilities, and how it can help you improve your team's productivity by 10-30%, speed turnaround times by upwards of 60%, reduce overtime saving by 100s of thousands of dollars, and increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Register now for the webinar.


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