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Want to optimize the performance of your finance teams? SSON is pleased to bring you this 2-Day complimentary event designed to simplify, standardize and centralize finance shared services. Achieve end-to-end process optimization, prepare your finance talent for digital, be prepared for RPA 2.0 & cognitive automation, and revamp your business model for agility and speed.

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Day 1 - Wednesday 16 October 2019
0900 – 0945 SGT (Tues, 15 Oct 9pm US ET) 
Data Management –The Gateway to Successful Automation 
Faced with an environment of disparate ERP’s, outdated legacy systems and master data complicated with intricacies such as merger and acquisition activity, the challenge of managing data is difficult at best.  Add in the rapid consumption of data as automation tools are adopted and evolved, and the result is automation programs that stall out due to data management not being included in the upfront strategy.  

In this session we’ll discuss:
  • Why data management is a prerequisite to scale intelligent automation
  • How transparency, volume and type of data changes as automation evolves
  • Pathways to turn data into tailored customer experiences
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1100 - 1145 SGT (0830 IST) – 2300 US ET Tues, 15 Oct 
Using Process Design to Generate Customer Centric Service
Explore how application of Design Thinking methodologies and the art of ideating infuse innovation instead of simply re-engineering into process creation and service delivery.  Techniques such as rapid prototyping facilitate routine, real time feedback to evolve ideas into tangible outcomes and solutions.  The exploration of design thinking allows leaders to take a customer-centric approach to defining, reframing, ideating and testing solutions. 

In this session we’ll explore:
  • Benefits and considerations when adopting design thinking
  • Cultural and stakeholder mindset alteration
  • How to leverage design thinking to deliver a differentiated customer experience
Presenter:   To be confirmed

1200 - 1245 SGT (1200am US ET) 
Putting More Cash in the Bank from your OTC Process

End-to-end process transformation goes far beyond implementation of automation tools. It encapsulates a continuous improvement mindset, use of process domain expertise and a shift away from data entry and managing exceptions.   Imagine a world where billing clerks and collection agents are transformed into cash flow specialists.  Learn how to turn that image into reality by incorporating digital labor, AI and data analytics to migrate from cash collection to cash generation.  

In this session we’ll explore:
  • Role redefinition and digital process structure
  • Means to streamline OTC processes and alleviate exceptions
  • The do’s and don’ts of integrating AI
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Day 2 - Thursday 17 October 2019
0830 - 0915 US ET
PIT Crew Transformation at Canadian Tire 
Significant transformation doesn’t always mean multi-year, large capital expense investment. Canadian Tire leveraged a quotient of robotics automation + data science + lean six sigma tools to create a powerful transformation team called the Pit Crew. These Process Improvement Teams (PIT crews) solve problems and tackle ongoing issues, freeing operational teams to identify other areas in need of attention. Leaving legacy baggage behind, the PIT teams focus on implementing tools and troubleshooting process bottlenecks to optimize work and systematically contribute to transformation. And as a Centre of Excellence across Finance, they can be targeted on solving the most impactful problems, helping increase the capability of Finance overall.

In this session we’ll examine how the PIT crew:
  • Combines talents of robotics, data science and process improvement experts
  • Adopts a user centric approach to help to break down silos
  • Delivers both near term results and big changes over time
Rob Phillips, Associate Vice President, Finance Continuous Improvement, Canadian Tire

0930 - 1015 US ET 
Continuously Building Upon the Foundation of People, Process & Technology 
Shifting enterprise business market demands and customer expectations require organisations to build a new case for change.  How do mature operators continuously refine and improve their GBS/Shared Services operations?  Smith & Nephew has perfected near-bionic level artificial knees but what does it take to incorporate similar super human capability into its GBS service delivery.

In this session we’ll examine:
  • How to enrich customer journeys and improve employee fulfillment
  • Ways to avoid making ‘faster bad’ processes with automation
  • Essentials to managing end-to-end processes on a global scale
Phil Priest, SVP Global Business Services, Smith & Nephew

1030 - 1115 US ET
Why Finance and Analytics are Inseparable at Chick-fil-A
In this session, you’ll meet Korri Jones, Lead Analyst – Enterprise Analytics at Chick-fil-A. Korri oversees tax data analytics, including all systems that touch tax data. Data collection, reporting, and analytics are the lifeblood of his team’s (and Chick-fil-A franchisees’) tax function. Join us on Oct 17 to learn first-hand how they adopted a transformative tax data handling approach with self-service analytics, shortening compliance life cycles and increasing efficiency.

Korri reveals how analytics is put to practice to tackle tough data challenges such as sales tax regulatory filings, compliance, and audit. This information-rich session is designed to impart real-life examples on how to reduce risk, increase value, and better identify tax-saving opportunities with analytics.

Korri Jones, Lead Analyst - Enterprise Analytics, Chick-fil-A
Neeta Kamat, Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx 

1130 - 1215 US ET 
Change Management – Turning on a New Lightbulb
Routinely cited in the top 3 lessons learned shared by industry practitioners, change management takes on a new breadth and depth in digital transformation.  Leading employees, customers and stakeholders down the path of change includes shining a new light on the purpose for change and aligning it with enterprise strategy.  Transformation at this scale necessitates a holistic approach to all elements of metamorphous, going far beyond a communication plan and training.

In this session we’ll discuss:
  • Communicating a vision and bringing it to a ‘how does it affect me’ level
  • Dashboard indicators that gauge change impact
  • What’s unique in this type of change management
Alyona Konstantinova, MyP&O Director Europe | MGS P&O, Mars Global Services (Poland)

1230 - 1315 US ET 
Transforming Finance Using a Digital Workforce  

SSON’s 2019 global state of the industry survey reflects that ‘Control/standardization/optimization’ is the #1 benefit Shared Services brings to the enterprise. Conversely ‘Enhanced Quality and Fewer Errors’ ranked as the most significant outcome achieved through use of digital workforce. Combine these results with the need to attract and develop innovative thinking in human labor to achieve business transformation and customer experience and you have a recipe for wide spread adoption of digital labor in finance processes.

Learn how a digital workforce:
  • Enables Shared Services Organizations to expand service offering scope
  • Raises transparency and controls to strengthen compliance
  • Empowers development of Knowledge based competencies
 Presenter:  TBD
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1330 - 1415 US ET  
Finance Shared Services has continued to evolve through globalization, automation, and innovation—but many of the foundational concepts have stood the test of time. Talent has become an increasingly valuable commodity and skill gaps become more evident as organisations move up the value chain.  New characterizations of Shared Services such as agile, flexible, and enabling begin to replace the mantra of consistent, reliable and standardized.   

In this session we’ll explore:
Factors for developing an end-to-end process view, governance and automation approach
Considerations when expanding beyond existing scope to new functions, services, and geographies
Innovating your organization through automation, analytics and engagement

Craig Simpkins - Director Finance Integration & Transformation - Global Products, Johnson Controls

1415 - 1425 US ET
Chairwoman’s Conference Closing Remarks
Join in as our Chairwoman shares her key takeaways and highlights from the summit.
Conference Chair:  Rochelle Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research, SSON

Phil Priest

Phil Priest

Senior Vice President, Global Business Services

Smith & Nephew

Alyona Konstantinova

Alyona Konstantinova

MyP&O Director Europe

Mars Global Services

Craig Simpkins

Craig Simpkins

Director Finance Integration & Transformation - Global Products

Johnson Controls

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