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Digital transformation and the advancement of automation continue to widen its reach across Shared Services Organisations, BPO’s and GBS centers.  The IA APAC DIGI Summit will bring together client case studies demonstrating practical application of automation along with a view of how automation is changing the face of service delivery.  The expansion of a digital workforce necessitates changes in the way resources are planning, work is managed & delivered and the importance of culture of innovation.    

Please join us for interactive exchanges to learn from industry experts and solution providers as they share their experiences and lessons learned.  This online conference is free-of-charge and open to all industry professionals interested in the field of Intelligent Automation.

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Day 1 - 21 May 2019

0930 - 1000 SGT
Adding An “I” to Your Automation 

You may remember the migration from a flip phone to a smart device.  Our phones didn’t head out to university – so what made them smart?  Organizations are examining how to add ”I”ntelligence to their automation program to advance along the continuum from RPA to AI.  If only it were as simple as a single letter.  Organisations can gain a deeper understanding of their processes as they progress along their automation journey, which is essential when adding the “I” to your automation strategy.

From this session you’ll learn:

    • Differences between cognitive, machine learning and augmented/artificial intelligence
    • How to know if your processes and your organisation are ready for intelligent automation
    • Reasons automation programs don’t successfully make the jump beyond RPA

1030 - 1130 SGT
Leading in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Sudhir Dasamantharao, Global Director & Head Of Global Business Services - AMEA, Boston Scientific
Sumit Mitra, Chief Executive Officer, Tesco Bengaluru

Leaders from some of the largest global enterprises gathered at the World Economic Forum annual meeting to discuss leadership as the world transforms.   We’ve gathered our own panel of our Global Business Services executives to share their views on talent, customer centricity and delivering stakeholder value in the age of digital transformation and changing market conditions.

Our panel will explore:

    • Are we facing a skills crisis?
    • How do you best serve your stakeholders and create trust? 
    • Organisational behaviour consistent with enterprise values in its use of data
    • Finding and building talent from non-traditional recruiting sources

1200 - 1230 SGT
Unstructured Data:  Jenga or Scrabble

With the rapid consumption of data by automation organisations are beginning to come to terms with the magnitude of unstructured data that exists throughout their processes.  In some cases it may be the Jenga puzzle piece that gets pulled out and your entire automation comes falling down.  Developing a successful data strategy can be more like Scrabble tiles – put them in the right order and you may get a 15 letter bonus, but if one is missing your score could be zero.  

From this session you’ll learn:

    • Ways automation tools can make use of unstructured data
    • How to avoid data stalling your automation effectiveness
    • Considerations for data structures when implementing AI, ML and cognitive solutions

Day 2 - 22 May 2019

0930 - 1000 SGT
Process Mining – Data Science in Action

Process mining is the missing link between manual interviewing and ‘walking the process’ to data-oriented analysis techniques. It provides the opportunity to progress from post it notes and Visio diagrams to documenting processes in near real time.  Systematically capturing process details enriches transparency into the bottlenecks, integration points and frequency of loops and exceptions.  Process mining can put the “M” in DMAIC by measuring As Is and To Be process states and enabling process owners with a before and after process automation view.  Learn how to leverage process outputs and turn them into data-driven insights to outline customer journeys and enrich customer experience.

From this session you’ll learn:

  • How to use process mining to identify which processes to automate
  • The correlation between process transparency and enhanced controls  
  • How to use process data to support business case for automation and measure its effectiveness

1030 - 1100 SGT
The Roadmap from Transactional Work to High Value Services

Implementing automation to take on the mundane, repetitive tasks is one step in the marathon of building the foundation to deliver high value services.  Automation platforms often include flashy dashboards and an abundance of analytics.  If your teams aren’t equipped with the right skills and relevant training the data produced from automated processes may be just 1’s and 0’s.  With so many offerings in the marketplace for free training on RPA technologies, will automation certification become the new ‘belt’ in continuous improvement programs?

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • Training options and upskilling approaches
  • How to build a continuous improvement culture to champion a shift towards high-value services
  • Blending automation competency and process expertise as a value driver

1130 - 1200 SGT
Construction Zone – Building a COE

Ankur Bansal, SSON Columnist, Author “The Great RPA COE Challenge”

With IA and RPA gaining strategic importance in organizations the focus on setting up an Automation COE has never been more important. Centers of Excellence (CoE) are essentially the way to embed Intelligent Automation deeply and effectively into an organization.  From pouring the foundation to putting on the roof our panelists will share insights and recommendations on the 5 core elements needed to have your CoE meet stakeholder ‘code.”

From this session you’ll learn about:

  • Stumbling blocks and success factors when building a COE
  • CoE building materials: charter, automation approach, governance, operating model, knowledge management
  • Use cases that illustrate COE benefits

1200 – 1210 SGT
Chairwoman’s Conference Closing Remarks

Conference Chair:  Rochelle Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research, SSON

Join in as our Chairwoman shares her key takeaways and highlights from the summit.


Sudhir   Dasamantharao

Global Director & Head Of Global Business Services - AMEA
Boston Scientific

Sumit Mitra

Chief Executive Officer
Tesco Bengaluru

Ankur Bansal

SSON Columnist
Author “The Great RPA COE Challenge”





How do I join the online conference?
Register above using the form and your login will be emailed to you a week before the event. Your session access links and final agenda will be emailed to you one week prior to the conference.  

How much does it cost to attend?
The Intelligent Automation APAC Digital Summit is completely free to attend.

Where is it located?
This is an online conference, which means that it can be accessed anywhere in the world through a desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet.  Audio and presentation viewing is accessed through an internet connection.

Can I access the slides post-event?
All presentations will be available after the conference via the on-demand recording link.   When presenters have also approved for their slides to be available for download they will be made available in the Resource List folder inside the session and also in the digital gift bag post-event.