Digital transformation and the advancement of automation continue to widen its reach across Shared Services Organisations, BPO’s and GBS centers.  The IA APAC DIGI Summit will bring together client case studies demonstrating practical application of automation along with a view of how automation is changing the face of service delivery.  The expansion of a digital workforce necessitates changes in the way resources are planning, work is managed & delivered and the importance of culture of innovation.    

Please join us for interactive exchanges to learn from industry experts and solution providers as they share their experiences and lessons learned.  This online conference is free-of-charge and open to all industry professionals interested in the field of Intelligent Automation.


Day 1 - 21 May 2019

0930 - 1015 SGT - Brought to you by Automation Anywhere
Thinking about Cognitive Automation: Start with Top Use Cases

Markoss Martina, Senior Director Next Generation Technologies, Automation Anywhere, Asia Pacific

When companies take the leap into “Automation World,” they typically start with RPA, where they can easily configure software to automate repeatable and mundane processes. Extending these automation initiatives to reap the benefits of cognitive technologies changes a purely back-office process efficiency play into a true digital-labor initiative. But first you have to cross the Data Sea – where dark data is surely lurking – and you have to navigate some unchartered territory.

This session will explore how to prepare for the automation journey – how to identify the right use cases.

1030 - 1130 SGT
Leading in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Sudhir Dasamantharao, Global Director & Head Of Global Business Services - AMEA, Boston Scientific
Sumit Mitra, Chief Executive Officer, Tesco Bengaluru

Leaders from some of the largest global enterprises gathered at the World Economic Forum annual meeting to discuss leadership as the world transforms.   We’ve gathered our own panel of our Global Business Services executives to share their views on talent, customer centricity and delivering stakeholder value in the age of digital transformation and changing market conditions.

Our panel will explore:

  • Are we facing a skills crisis?
  • How do you best serve your stakeholders and create trust? 
  • Organisational behaviour consistent with enterprise values in its use of data
  • Finding and building talent from non-traditional recruiting sources

1145 - 1230 SGT - Brought to you by EdgeVerve
Case Study: Scaling Automation Intelligently and unlocking its full potential at Service Stream

LJ Augusto, Technology & Continual Improvement Manager, Service Stream – Fixed Communications
Parijat Sahai, Director of Solutions Consulting, EdgeVerve

In today’s fast-paced world, the edge belongs to the pioneers and disruptors. The need of the hour is Intelligent Automation, a seamless convergence of RPA and AI, to handle today’s complex business demands as well as those of the future. Join this webinar to hear Sateesh Seetharamiah, Global Product Head at EdgeVerve and LJ Augusto, Technology & Continual Improvement Manager at Service Stream talk about their enterprise Intelligent Automation journey with AssistEdge.

Key takeaways:

  • Unlocking the full potential of Intelligent Automation
  • Speeding up Intelligent Automation’s time to value
  • Scaling Intelligent Automation across the enterprise and driving ROI

1300 - 1345 SGT Brought to you by Kryon
Using Intelligent Process Discovery to Maximize your Automation 

Warren Ledingham, General Manager - APAC, Kryon

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the one innovation and operational efficiency significantly impacting the nature of business by introducing a set of solutions that will enable true digital transformation. You are no doubt encountering many challenges in your digital journey regarding adoption of automation solutions across your enterprise. 

Many enterprise leaders struggle with how to get started:  Which processes to automate? Which processes are the most valuable to automate?How to discover the right processes quickly, saving time and money?

From this session you’ll learn:

    • Why intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables true digital transformation
    • About the RPA Revolution, through intelligent Process Discovery
    • How today’s enterprises are using RPA powered by AI to transform their business
    • Practical Tips for a Successful RPA Journey

Day 2 - 22 May 2019

0930 - 1015 SGT

Governance and Leadership in the Time of RPA

Governance is rarely done well reactively; a framework should be put in place before any deployment begins.  In this session we’ll explore typical leadership challenges stemming from RPA implementations.  Tilak will share insights on essential elements when building a COE model and effective governance approaches.  

Presenter:  Tilak Banerjee, Senior Director – GFSS, Conduent

1030 - 1115 SGT
The Benefits AI Technologies in your Back ,Middle and Front Office Operations 

Anil Bhavnani Director, BPO and Digital Transformation, India Site Leader, Pfizer

Is AI the best medicine for your operations?   Join Anil as he shares his Do’s and Don’t’s of AI and takes us along for a journey through Pfizer’s incorporation of AI into their operations.  Learn how Chatterbox has become the preferred prescription for a digital assistant that delivers results.    

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • Range of digital assistants
  • Anatomy of a Chat Bot
  • Intelligent components of empowering engagement

1130 - 1215 SGT
Construction Zone – Building a COE

Ankur Bansal, SSON Columnist, Author “The Great RPA COE Challenge”

With IA and RPA gaining strategic importance in organizations the focus on setting up an Automation COE has never been more important. Centers of Excellence (CoE) are essentially the way to embed Intelligent Automation deeply and effectively into an organization.  From pouring the foundation to putting on the roof our panelists will share insights and recommendations on the 5 core elements needed to have your CoE meet stakeholder ‘code.”

From this session you’ll learn about:

  • Stumbling blocks and success factors when building a COE
  • CoE building materials: charter, automation approach, governance, operating model, knowledge management
  • Use cases that illustrate COE benefits

1215 – 1225 SGT
Chairwoman’s Conference Closing Remarks

Rochelle Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research, SSON

Join in as our Chairwoman shares her key takeaways and highlights from the summit.




How do I join the online conference?
Register above using the form and your login will be emailed to you a week before the event. Your session access links and final agenda will be emailed to you one week prior to the conference.  

How much does it cost to attend?
The Intelligent Automation APAC Digital Summit is completely free to attend.

Where is it located?
This is an online conference, which means that it can be accessed anywhere in the world through a desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet.  Audio and presentation viewing is accessed through an internet connection.

Can I access the slides post-event?
All presentations will be available after the conference via the on-demand recording link.   When presenters have also approved for their slides to be available for download they will be made available in the Resource List folder inside the session and also in the digital gift bag post-event.