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The boundaries and focus of Intelligent Automation have shifted from implementation of RPA to a strategy of how automation can enable the business and enhance customer experience.  Shared Services organisations are beginning to think more in terms of end-to-end digitization driven by automation ecosystems.  The market is now opening its eyes to the concept that Intelligent Automation can be much more than a tool, it can become the gateway to Shared Services digitally enabling the enterprise business.  

This year we introduced new sessions on Intelligent Chat Bots,  Hack-A-Thons and Intelligent Automation Academies.   More than half our speakers are new to the SSON digital stage and our speaker faculty includes a global lineup from Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Please join us for interactive exchanges to learn and share from our seasoned speakers and panelists and contribute your own experiences and questions.


Industry experts will attend the IA World Series looking to find solutions to improve their business processes.


Premium content pieces will be available for all registrants to download throughout the event


Industry leading speakers, who have been hand picked to showcase how to improve and streamline business processes

Day 1, 10 February (Monday)
0900 - 0945 US ET 
Optimizing Results through an Integrated Automation Strategy 
Organizations planning to scale not only have the challenge of taking outcomes from isolated process automations to enterprise grade but also to determine a strategy to effectively integrate all the tools.  Examining how to avoid having a plethora of solutions, providers and automation programs beating to their own drum in ‘business case silos’ is essential to achieving maximum benefit from your automation investment.  The transformative work itself of interlinking people, processes, and technologies efficiently means outlining a plan for maintenance, operations, change management and cohesive provider governance.  

Learn why Integrated Automation:
  • Requires an end-to-end vs task focused lens
  • Isn’t about the total # of bots or tasks automated - the whole is greater than the sum of parts
  • Necessitates the alignment of enterprise goals with the automation strategy
Scott Teeple, Chief Technology Officer, Agilify
Peter Tarrant, Product Owner, Agilify
Brought to you by:  Agilify
1000 - 1045 US ET 
ABC’s of Risk Management at Prudential
Steering a company more than a century old in a new direction is no small feat.  Couple that with the fact the organisation is in the business of managing risk and you have a formula for a challenge.  Learn how the Prudential team influenced cultural change by driving curiosity and creating a vision of the future of work in the risk management group. 

Discover how the change was propelled through a focus on:
  • Audit and Advisory
  • Business 
  • Customer
Presenter:  George Alvites, Vice President, Prudential Financial
1100 – 1145 US ET
Reduce Clicks and Increase Eyeballs
With over 170 years of history in the highly regulated property and casualty industry Hanover had a foundation of legacy systems and rigid processes to emerge from.  The team’s objective was to translate their disjointed, one-off RPA implementations into a sustainable program and enterprise automation practice.  A framework was designed with a goal to construct a methodology that would enable business units to transform themselves.

Give consideration to these factors when constructing your automation strategy:
  • Scale without creating friction
  • Automation cannot fix bad data
  • Combination of tools not a solution
Presenter:  Prashant Hinge, AVP Innovation and Strategic Integration, Hanover 

1200 – 1245 US ET 
Gateway to AI - Turning AI From a Shiny Object into Measureable Benefits
In SSON’s annual survey 36% of respondents indicated they plan to integrate AI into their Intelligent Automation tools and 48% indicated they have access to the data necessary to be leveraged for AI.  While most companies who currently have AI deployed report quantifiable benefits work remains to develop appropriate governance, manage risks and retrain the workforce. 

Capitalize on Artificial Intelligence benefits by:
  • Coupling your organization’s data management plan with its advanced automation strategy
  • Learning the signs to avoid AI project failure
  • Assessing your AI readiness prior to embarking on an AI initiative
Presenter:  TBD

Day 2, 11 February (Tuesday)
0800 - 0845 US ET 
How to Scale Automation from Tactical to Strategic
Automation is essential to compete in today's marketplace and deliver services that exceed customer expectations. Many organizations have struggled to evolve from fragmented experimentation to transformational scaling.  To achieve deeper transformation businesses must formulate a strategy to move away from siloed, non-coordinated projects implemented across multiple departments.  This disjointed landscape of automation projects make it difficult to stay on top of issues such as licensing costs and bot utilization.

Takeaways from this session include:
  • How to gain business leaders and workforce buy-in to an extended and more effective use of automation
  • Use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable more predictive and proactive approaches
  • Operational challenges faced by stakeholders
Brought to you by:  Blue Prism Cloud 
0900 - 0945 US ET 
Enhancing Process Excellence with Task Mining
Process Excellence combines business data with user interaction data to deliver a real picture of what processes look like and how to optimize them to achieve an organization’s business outcomes. Learn how Task Mining collects and analyzes the in-between manual steps to give enterprises a fuller picture of how their businesses truly work — not just process-wise, but people-wise, too.

Task mining provides insights to:
  • Understand how manual process steps affect the desired business outcomes
  • Validate the complete set of tasks necessary to get work done and understand the root cause of deviations
  • Help process improvement teams identify tasks where automation, employee training or other intervention could be beneficial
Presenter:  Yiannis Broustas, Global Product Marketing Manager, Celonis
Brought to you by:  Celonis 
1000 – 1045 US ET
Robot University – Building Intelligent Automation as a Competency  
In just a few years, the marketplace evolved from a few scarce webinars on learning how to write scripts to full on training platforms, academic degrees and Coursera courses in many disciplines of intelligent automation.  Most automation providers now offer certification programs and announcements of certifications earned appear nearly daily on LinkedIn posts.   To develop intelligent automation as competency in your organisation join this session to learn about your options and the best path to build the skills required. 

From this session you’ll learn:
    • Pros and cons of the make vs. buy approach
    • Desired skill sets
    • How to add Intelligent Automation to your learning and development plans
Presenter:  TBD

1100 – 1145 US ET
Process Simulations - Maximize ROI of Your RPA Initiatives by Eliminating Potential Automation Hazards
Robotic Process Automation is both data-driven and data-dependent. Many organizations jump into RPA without a well thought out data strategy or deep understanding of their current process performance. As companies are struggling with business process improvement initiatives, Minit offers fact-based and holistic insights into process improvements. Organizations struggle to choose the right initiatives with the best ROI. Wouldn't it be great if businesses could try these initiatives before making the final decision and determine the ROI by using simulations?
From this session you’ll gain an understanding of:
  • Process simulations
  • Why Process Mining is a logical and necessary step before RPA
  • How to use the full potential of your processes
Presenter:  Roel Schenk, Global Implementation Lead, Minit
Brought to you by:  Minit
1200 – 1245 US ET 
The Power of Women in Intelligent Automation
IQPC launched a movement to celebrate and recognize women in Intelligent Automation (#IAWomen).   What are the unique talents, perspectives and strengths women bring to this field?  Join in as our panel engages in a frank discussion on the following topics:
  • Leading practices on recruiting and retaining female technology talent
  • Are we moving the needle?  Have STEM and other programs resulted in attracting new talent to the field?
  • Does the female sixth sense mean we approach problem solving differently?
Moderator:  Heather King, Managing Director, SSON
1300 – 1345 US ET 
Intelligent Automation Trends that will Shape 2020
Sustainability, talent and brands with a purpose top the list for many executives both in terms of challenges being faced and ways organizations can differentiate themselves in the marketplace.  Intelligent Automation tools and data outcomes can equip enterprises with the insights to draw from to impact these challenges.  Incorporation of automation excellence into an enterprise’s DNA can enable it to be agile, dynamic and ready for fast paced growth. 

SSON’s featured keynote speaker at IA Week New Orleans, Adeel, will share insights on:
  • Key capabilities to invest in for market competitiveness
  • Transforming the way we work through digital labor and human foresight
  • Changing customer needs and how automation can sculpt customer experience

Presenter:  Adeel Fudda, Intelligent Automation Director - Enterprise Automation Hub, Mars Global Services

Day 3, 12 February (Wednesday)

0900 - 0945 US ET 
Rewards of Conducting a Robot-A-Thon
While Warner Bros. created on screen robots and intelligent beings years before anyone uttered the letters RPA, building a software robot designed to improve business processes was new to the Shared Services team.  Fresh from their first internal robot-a-thon learn how this methodology helped to engage the wider team and gain buy-in for their automation programs. 

Tomasz will share the highlights and learnings from the robot-a-thon including:
    • Unexpected benefits from this type of approach
    • The pros and cons of this methodology vs a standard project rollout
    • Talent management rewards from building robots
Presenter: Tomasz Swierzewski, Director – Enterprise Financial Service, Warner Bros.
1000 - 1045 US ET 
We’ve been Hacked and We’re Happy About It
Learn how Nationwide leverages hackathons to generate, test and perfect automation ideas.  Hackathons can be a highly useful tool to design and validate automation approaches in a sprint-like event.  What are the considerations and requirements to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved?

From this session, you’ll learn:
  • Requirements to plan and execute a successful hackathon
  • Benefits and challenges compared to other design approaches
  • How to analyze hackathon results
Presenter:  Colleen Saunders-Chukwu, AVP, Data Sciences and Analytics, Nationwide
1100 – 1145 US ET
Moving Up the Value Chain with Advanced Analytics and AI (Fireside Chat)
The data exhaust being produced by the rapid adoption of automation provides data fields and details rarely tapped into.   However, all the data isn’t neatly packaged in digestible tidbits easy consumed and analyzed.  In a time when many organizations have not moved beyond historical reporting and point-in-time data analytics, what will be necessary to leapfrog to predictive analytics and optimized use of all the data now available. 

In this fireside chat, we’ll explore the following topics:
    • Steps to move from analytics as a function to a value creator
    • What is holding organization back from use of advanced analytics
    •  Is AI the driver or the beneficiary of advanced analytics?
Presenter:  John Thompson, Global Head – Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, CSL Behring
1200 – 1245 US ET
Driving the Convergence of Agile and Lean to Supercharge Automation Results                        
Agile and Lean principles provide the foundation for efficient, effective process optimization at the flow of business.  Implementing automation without a keen focus and deep-rooted understanding of the actual health of your processes can result in delayed benefits or stalled programs.  

In this session, learn how agile and lean come together to:
  • Highlight processes best suited for automation
  • Differentiate process issues from training, policy or governance gaps
  • Align processes with the right technology
  • Identify what and when to automate, digitize, or re-engineer
Presenter: Jeff Frame, Director and AVP for Continuous Process Improvement & Agile Process Management, The RiverStone Group        
1300 – 1330 US ET  
Accelerating Business Value with Benchmarks
KPI’s and SLA’s are routine measures of Shared Services performance but what are the metrics your customers really care about?  How have you refreshed your metrics and leveraged new data points produced from process automation?  What sources do you use to benchmark your results after transformation initiatives? 
Presenter:  Naomi Secor, Global Managing Director, SSON
Brought to you by:  SSON Analytics 
Day 4, 13 February (Thursday)
0900 – 0945 US ET 
4 Steps to Ensure Your Chat Bot Isn’t a Glorified Search Engine
Many organisations start out with a goal to design their chat bots to efficient and effective.  Too often somewhere along the path from design to implementation this goal is derailed, and the chat bot ends up being robotic and frustration leads to low adoption rates.  

Learn about Chat Bot leading practices including:
  • Personas and sentiment analysis
  • Understanding the type of data chat bots will consume
  • Long term architecture considerations
  • Leveraging auto-learning and User Acceptance Testing to improve ease of use before release

Manish Singhi, Lead Innovations, Reckitt Benckiser Inc.

Ankur Bansal, Columnist – Advisor – Industry Expert, SSON Columnist
1000 – 1045 US ET 
Energizing Transformation through the Power of AI
The energy industry is facing one of its greatest periods of significant change with the spotlight on the transition to renewable energy, improvement in energy efficiency and the increased electrification of transport.  Rapid transformation is being demanded at a global level and is coupled with unique analytics challenges as energy production becomes decentralized and less predictable whilst electricity consumption continues to increase. In this fireside chat, Stephen will share how AI and intelligent automation will be leveraged to create solutions to the challenges of being on the bleeding edge of the energy transition.

Lessons you can apply from an industry in a period of significant disruption:
· How AI can enable and increase reliability of predictions; forecasting renewable energy production and electricity grid imbalance
· Regulatory reactions to AI.  Are energy regulators embracing the adoption of AI?
· Ways AI can increase current state efficiency; strengthening energy efficiency of existing real estate

Presenter: Stephen Donnelly, CIO, Spectral

1100 – 1145 US ET
The Human Side of Service Excellence and Business Knowledge
Technology can solve lots of business challenges if designed well.  Clunky interfaces, chat bot infinite loops and cold, uncaring automated agent responses can leave customers craving human contact.   Service excellence isn’t only about efficiency and productivity.   Exhibiting empathy, demonstrating an understanding of the business and taking ownership of issues are traits best served by humans. 

During the session, we’ll explore:
  • How to design the human elements of service delivery into your automation strategy
  • Indicators to confirm if you’ve struck the right balance of service excellence and optimized automation
  • Ways to connect and educate your team to your business
Presenter:  TBD 
1145 - 1215 US ET
10 Minutes on the Future of IA in 2025
Listen in as our distinguished panel of industry experts each deliver 3 minutes on their vision of IA in the next 5 years.
Chairwoman’s Conference Summary
Join in as our conference Chair will provide her highlights, insights and key takeaways from the week.  
Rochelle Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research, SSON

Tomasz Swierzewski

Tomasz Swierzewski

Director Enterprise Financial Service

Warner Brothers

Colleen Saunders-Chukwu

Colleen Saunders-Chukwu

AVP, Data Sciences and Analytics


Jeff Frame

Jeff Frame

Director & AVP for Continuous Process Improvement & Agile Process Management

The RiverStone Group

John Thompson

John Thompson

Global Head - Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

CSL Behring

Stephen Donnelly

Stephen Donnelly


Spectral Energy

Ankur Bansal

Ankur Bansal

SSON Columnist

Author of “The Great RPA COE Challenge”

Manish Singhi

Manish Singhi

Innovations Lead

Reckitt Benckiser

Yiannis Broustas

Yiannis Broustas

Global Product Marketing Manager


Adeel Fudda

Adeel Fudda

Intelligent Automation Director

Mars Global Services

Roel Schenk

Roel Schenk

Global Solutions Lead


Peter Tarrant

Peter Tarrant

Product Owner of RADILO,


George Alvites

George Alvites

Vice President

Prudential Financial

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