SSON is proud to announce the inaugural Process Mining and Intelligence Summit, taking place on 13-14 November 2019. This two-day online summit has been created to meet audience and industry demand, and will showcase hand picked case studies to ensure our audience can gain sufficient understanding and stay ahead of their competition.

The Process Mining and Intelligence Summit is COMPLETELY FREE to attend, and is accessible from the comfort of your own desk, meaning that you do not have to spend valuable time away from the office. All registrants will also receive access to our digital gift bag, which will contain presentation slides, valuable whitepapers and other content that may be useful to you in your process mining journey.

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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

0900 - 1000 US ET           
Chairman’s Welcome and Opening Remarks
Keynote Session:
Mine Your Business
Process Mining is simply a visually-appealing graphical representation of process flow without application to business problems.  Both shared services and process mining aim at improving performance and compliance of operational processes.  Shared service organizations are designed to utilize 'economies of scale' to deliver benefits but may fall short when consolidating work globally without in-depth transparency to end-to-end process inputs, flow and hand-offs.  Fortunately, process mining can be used to collect event data and uncover bottlenecks and undesired deviations.

From this session you’ll learn the:
•             Definitions, background and the science behind the tools
•             Application in Shared Services environment
•             What’s next in Process Mining

Presenter: Wil van der Aalst, Distinguished Humboldt Professor, RWTH Aachen University and Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik
Southard Jones, Vice President – Product Marketing, Celonis (Conference Chairman)

1030 - 1130 US ET  
Mining Your Way to Increased ROI and Enriched Process Quality
The value of process mining goes far beyond systematically documenting ‘as is’ process flow and providing transparency into to bottlenecks.  Analyzing the data extracted from activities logged casts a spotlight on which processes are best suited for automation and the up-and-down stream effect of changes.   Discover how Merck increased operational productivity through the use of their Citizen Developer program and analytics from process optimization tools.

Learn how to leverage process mining to:
•             Baseline process metrics before and after automation implementation
•             Increase your automation ROI
•             Optimize end-to-end processes  

Steve Carpenter, Executive Director, GBS – Digital Transformation, Merck

1200 - 1300 US ET
3 Steps To Delivering Intelligence From Your Processes
Process Mining is changing from something seen as a one-time initiative undertaken by external consultants into an ongoing activity carried out in-house. The tools are becoming more sophisticated and deliver insight into process performance including highlighting the downstream affect of poor process quality inputs. Delivering near real time visualization of when and where process variation is occurring provides transparency that has become the missing link for operational excellence.

From this session, you’ll learn:
  • The real value of Process Mining and how to build a business case for tools
  • How does Process Mining compliment continuous improvement programs and quality methodologies
  • Key success factors to putting process insights into action
Presenters: TBC
Brought to you by: Minit

Thursday, 14 November 2019
0900 – 1000 US ET
Process Mining Best Practices
Are you a DMAIC guru with a track record of raising the bar on process optimisation, yet you feel like you’re trying to squeeze the last drop out of a lemon? Faced with multiple, disparate systems and processes that span geographies, functions and ownership today’s process professionals have increased challenges to gain an accurate “as is” state of process execution. Examining process defects such as bottlenecks and infinite exception loops may require analyzing customer feedback or service tickets to locate the causal event without visibility to systematic process flow.

In this session we’ll explore how Process Mining can be exploited to:
  • Identify process delays
  • Pinpoint drivers of exceptions
  • Highlight bottlenecks
  • Test and measure impacts of process changes
Presenters:  Southard Jones, Vice President – Product Marketing, Celonis 
Brought to you by: Celonis

1030 - 1130 US ET
7 Essentials to Process Mining and Modeling Success
With the wide spread adoption of ERP platforms in the 1990’s process modeling became mainstream as a means of understanding task workflow. Process modeling was foundational for defining how processes were intended to be performed. In today’s complex environment and takt time of customer requirements additional tools are necessary to magnify the view into actual process execution. Polling results from our SSO Week Europe event indicated 38% of respondents are leveraging process mining to drive improved business insights.

In this session, we’ll explore:
  • 7 Essentials: Discover, Analyse, Design, Validate, Implement, Control and Improve
  • Which technique to use for a quick discovery vs. when analysis is required large number of processes
  • Reasons to establish governance through a Center of Excellence
Presenters: TBC

1200 – 1300 US ET
Data and Process Mining – Shared Services’ Best Natural Resources
Are you mining your processes for the data they are hiding? You are likely ensuring your transactions are compliant and effective, but have you unearthed the hidden data within processes to provide proactive and predictive insights to the business? Process tools today spring board from the foundations of continuous improvement programs to produce a real, time view into process bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Process Mining has become an essential step in optimizing Shared Services.

Learn how process and data mining can help your organisation to:
  • Evolve from reporting to delivering insights to enable business decisions
  • Identify weaknesses, inefficiencies and gaps that are not generally visible to the human eye
  • Enable an opportunity to analyze data and target areas for improvement
Presenter: TBC

1300 – 1310 US ET
Chairman’s Conference Closing Remarks
Join in as our Chairman as he shares his key takeaways and highlights from the online conference.
Conference Chair: Southard Jones, Vice President – Product Marketing, Celonis

Rochelle A. Hood PMP

Rochelle A. Hood PMP

Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research


Wil van der Aalst

Wil van der Aalst

Distinguished Humboldt Professor

RWTH Aachen University

Southard Jones

Southard Jones

Vice President - Product Marketing


Steve Carpenter

Steve Carpenter

Executive Director, Global Business Services Digital


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How much does it cost to attend?

The European Shared Services & Outsourcing Digital Week is completely free to attend. 

Where is it located?

This is an online conference, which means that it can be accessed anywhere in the world through a desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet.  Audio and presentation viewing is accessed through an internet connection.

Can I access the slides post-event?

All presentations will be available after the conference via the on-demand recording link.   When presenters have also approved for their slides to be available for download they will be made available in the Resource List folder inside the session and also in the digital gift bag post-event.