The Asian footprint continues to generate rapid growth resulting in further adoption and expansion of the shared services operating model in the region.  Organisations are looking past labor arbitrage and have shifted focus to talent development, value-adding processes and an emphasis on seamless service delivery with an end-to-end workflow view.  

SSO Digital Week APAC is designed for shared services professionals globally to enjoy specially selected presentations from our live conference in Singapore in addition to featured topics and speakers only available in our Digital event.  The Digital conference is delivered live in webinar format with On Demand recordings provided for all sessions.  The online format enables shared services and BPO professionals to join alongside their team members, colleagues and industry peers and provides the key insights, discussions and outcomes from our face-to-face event to a wider audience.  

Please join us for interactive exchanges to learn and share from our seasoned speakers and panelists and contribute your own experiences and questions.


Industry experts will attend SSO Digital Week APAC looking to find solutions to improve their business processes


Premium content pieces will be available for all registrants to download throughout the event


Industry leading speakers, who have been hand picked to showcase how to improve and streamline business processes

Day 1, 26 November (Tuesday)
1000 – 1045 SGT 
Imagine a world where shared services professionals can run service operations with a full view of resources, including human, systems and digital workers, from a dashboard with near real-time indication of available capacity. This world is no longer imaginary.  . In this session we’ll explore CoreLogic’s journey to operational transformation and improved performance management through framework and coaching
Digitizing operations management helped CoreLogic:
  • Achieve 20% increase in productivity and 30% improvement in capacity
  • Support cultural change from the ground up
  • Streamline process delivering capacity to onboard more clients with existing FTE
  • Capture reliable real time data on work volumes at an individual task level and productivity metrics
Ellena Bianco, Offshore Operations Manager, CoreLogic Australia
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1130 – 1215 SGT 
Changing Ex with a Social Learning Platform 
Moving away from traditional methods of learning delivery and skills development means breaking some paradigms and trying new approaches.  Join us to gain insights on how Ericsson set out to change employee experience (Ex) by developing new learning methods and rethinking the types of skills to be developed.  Changing team members’ learning experience by progressing from a push to a pull learning approach means employees are more engaged and vested in their learning and development.   

Gain a better understanding about social learning approaches by:
  • Viewing real-life videos with employees sharing their experience after program launch
  • Learning how to curate content and learning delivery based on interest and viewing history
  • Discovering the methods available for increasing employee productivity and audit efficiency
Akshay Bahl, Head of L&D, GSSC GFHR Global Operations, Ericsson 
1230 – 1315 SGT 
From Input to Impact: How Data, Analytics and Process Mining Are Linked to Finance Activity to Drive Sustainable Enterprise Value Creation 
Many Shared Services Organisations (SSO) are data rich and insights poor.  While SSO’s often manage the largest data domains in an enterprise they sometimes struggle to unlock their immense value.  Data will increasingly be the power of the automated future.  Harnessing this power means SSO’s can find themselves in a unique position to develop a capability previously outsourced or delivered by IT.  Bringing the capability and ownership in house can advance data quality and analytics to become an organization differentiator.    

Presenters:  TBD
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1330 – 1415 SGT 
What Was the Buzz in Singapore?
In this fireside chat with our SSOW Asia Conference Chairman we will review the hot topics, key trends and top tips captured from our in-person conference in Singapore.  

In our exchange, we will answer your questions and discuss:
  • Asia’s talent readiness for digital transformation
  • What is necessary for APAC shared services centres to move from cost effective to business effective
  • How will APAC differentiate itself when labour arbitrage is not longer an advantage
Sudhir Dasamantharao, Director – GBS & Chief Transformation Leader APAC, Boston Scientific; Global Advisory Board Member, SSON Digital and SSOW Asia Chairman
Jamie Tan, Deputy Divisional Manager, IQPC

Day 2, 27 November (Wednesday)
1000 – 1045 SGT 
Designing Service Management with Ux and Cx in Mind
In a quest to design a one stop shop case management platform with Cx/Ex at its heart the Fonterra GBS team took a holistic approach to building a single tool to utilize across multiple functions.  Learn about their journey to create tool modeled after an online shopping experience with features such as suggested resources based on historical views and user profiles.   

In this session we’ll explore:
  • How to translate case management analytics into insights  
  • The differences between managing tickets vs optimizing workflow
Jamie Taylor, General Manager – GBS, Fonterra
1100 – 1145 SGT 
Next Generation Continuous Improvement (3.0) Rethinking the Way Services are Simplified, Personalized and Delivered on an Agile Basis
Designing and reengineering processes with the customer at the forefront instead of starting with the traditional review for waste and variation is the first step to creating tailored service delivery.  Questions are evolving from how to reduce cycle time to which processes steps are best suited for automation and how can process inputs be digitized.   

To achieve next generation Continuous Improvement (CI) focus on:
  • How continuous improvement can enhance your customers’ journey
  • Designing internal operational excellence capabilities that are agile and responsive to changing business needs
  • Continuous improvement as a path to continuous innovation
Presenter:  TBD
1200 – 1245 SGT 
Practitioner Session – Award Finalists Panel 
And The Winner is…The Shared Services Red Carpet of Peer-to-Peer Sharing 
Fresh from the spotlight of the announcement of SSON’s SSOW Asia Impact Award winners please join our panel of finalists and learn what sets them apart.  Discover how the leaders from the award-winning organizations showcased their accomplishments along with reviewing the methodologies, metrics and data they used to deliver and measure the results. Take a deeper dive into the art and science of the impact of their initiatives.    

Panelists - SSOW Impact Award Winners in the Following Categories:
Excellence in Culture Creation
Best Process Innovation
Excellence in Transformation

1300 – 1345 SGT 
Exciting GBS Internally and Promoting GBS Externally 
British American Tobacco (BAT) embarked on a transformation journey to widen their footprint and update centre capabilities.  Leveraging automation tools and continuous improvement discipline the team is focused on saving significant hours while simplifying and optimizing processes.  Their strategy is founded on core enablers including change management and a talent mix ripe for a new way of working.   

Learn how BAT is driving new business outcomes by:
    • Connecting data and incorporating cutting edge tools
    • Enriching analytics and data science capabilities
    • Progressing their service catalog and functional scope
Khurram Shahzad, Global Head of GBS Transformation and Business Relationship Management, British American Tobacco

Day 3, 28 November (Thursday)
1000 – 1045 SGT 
Outsourcing Reimagined: Understanding the New Value Proposition of F&A BPO in Today’s Digitized World 
From the earliest days of Shared Services, outsourcing has been a key plank of the optimised service delivery strategy. Over the past decade, however, there has been a shift, driven by technology that stands the original BPO value proposition on its head.
Labor arbitrage and getting the ‘same for less’ is no longer enough. Customers are demanding more than simply lower cost resources.  Today's corporate customers expect to benefit from a wide array of innovations including automated processing, data analytics, business insights, and tailored services that support their performance objectives.  With contracts getting shorter, agility a priority, and robotics driving improved performance, the economics of BPO are changing.

In our panel discussion, we’ll explore these topics on how the BPO market is reacting to customer’s demands for change:
  • RPA – short term offering or competency centre and alternative to developing skills in house?
  • How is talent changing in BPO’s to move from transactional work to knowledge based services?
  • Are outcome based and innovative incentivized contracts emerging as the new way of doing business?
Presenters:  TBD
1130 – 1215 SGT 
The Perks of Shared Services: How Asian SSCs are rethinking roles, benefits and career paths  
Shared services is continuously evolving from what used to be termed back office processing to business enabling services.  How are job descriptions, career planning and role definitions changing to reflect shared services as a profession? It’s time for a pulse check to assess if the benefits of a career in Shared Services include the recognition and prestige earned from being a value driver for enterprise business. 

How are you communicating the perks of being in Shared Services?  Ask yourself these questions:
Do your job descriptions and titles include terms such as value, enabler, transformation
How is having enterprise-wide view of business processes and impact valued as a skill
If a university grad asked you why you recommend a career in Shared Services what would you say?  Are those highlights reflected in your hiring and promotion processes?

Presenters:  TBD

1230 – 1315 SGT 
From Delivering Service to Delivering Solutions: Creating Partner Powered Operations
Engineering a culture of customer intimacy at scale is foundational to advancing from delivering a defined scope of work to being an vital part of why customers chose to do business with your organisation.  Integrating an end-to-end view of process delivery with desired customer outcomes built in is a key element for wearing a solution creation vs. service delivery lens.  Constructing process delivery based on how it solves customers’ problems instead of starting with efficiency and standardization contributes to being viewed solution-oriented partner.
Learn how to become a partner of choice to your customers by:
  • Designing work delivery with game changing customer experience embedded from the start
  • Challenging what and how you measure results
  • Using analytics to construct proactive solutions vs. reactive service delivery
Presenters:  TBD
1315 – 1325 SGT 
Chairwoman’s Summary
Our conference Chairwoman will provide her key highlights and takeaways.  

Sudhir Dasamantharao

Chief Transformation Officer; Director, Global Business Services APAC

Boston Scientific

Akshay Bahl

Head of L&D, GSSC GFPL Global People Services


Jamie Taylor

General Manager, Global Business Services


Khurram Shahzad

Global Head of GBS Transformation and Business Relationship Management

British American Tobacco (BAT)

Ellena Bianco Bianco

Offshore Operations Manager

CoreLogic Australia

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