The Case for End-to-End Process Ownership in P2P

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Research by The Hackett Group has shown that nearly all top performing P2P organizations have at least a high degree of end-to-end collaboration between Purchasing Operations and Accounts Payable. This means leaders work with shared goals and joint initiatives to define and drive value, and overcome traditional functional silos.

Join this session to learn what is really meant by "end-to-end" ownership, why it matters, and the role technology plays. Hackett P2P Advisory Program Leader Amy Fong will share the business case to support change, list key considerations to build into your plan, and offer examples of what’s working at some of today's leading companies. Xerox's Craig McCrackin will leverage his decades plus experience in transitioning work from clients to Xerox, to highlight how companies can benefit immediately from BPO.

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About your presenters:

Tradeshift and Xerox Business Services: combining outstanding business process experience with innovative technology. Tradeshift's innovative technology connects buyers to all their suppliers and related processes for a more cohesive, digital and collaborative P2P process. In collaboration, Xerox offers a global set of BPO capabilities and for nearly two decades has managed core end-to-end process in finance, accounting and procurement.