How to Use a Business Improvement Group as a Center of Excellence

Interview with Melissa Miller, VP, Business Improvement Group, Anthem

One of the key trends in shared services today is establishing an internal group of experts that can be deployed to problem areas. The Business Improvement Group at Anthem is a case in point. It's run by Melissa Miller, who leads a group of 60 internal consultants and whose mantra is "show up BIG". Melissa credits her early training in the military with the leadership culture she is promoting in her team.

"You don't have to be a technical expert, but you have to know how to get things done," she tells Barbara Hodge in this interview. Her team is one of the reasons that Anthem is able to crack the code on the healthcare challenges in the US market today.

Melissa shares not just tips on leadership but also how to recognize the roots of resistance – and still get things done.

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