Next Step for Schneider-Electric: Leanergy Shifts to Finance Shared Services in the Philippines

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Lean + Energy = a Lean system created & tested in Schneider Electric's EMEA Finance Shared Services in Poland; now becomes a Global Standard for the company's Financial Centers world-wide.

This Lean approach is leading work optimization in SSC organizations, and is currently being implemented step-by-step in Schneider Electric’s Finance Shared Services (FiSS) world-wide.

Brief Background

After several months of research and preparation, in July 2014, EMEA FiSS, located in Poland, started to test the Schneider Leanergy System in real life (see the first article in this installment: Polish Finance SSC Exports Lean Expertise to China).

The system is based on the Positive Productivity® methodology created by 4Results, completed by elements of the Schneider Production System used in Schneider Electric plants, and EMEA FiSS Poland’s experience in continuous improvementprograms. After the proof of concept was accepted in Europe, the world-wide roadmap for the Schneider LEANERGY System was prepared, and in March 2015 FiSS China started its Leanergy journey (case study).

The Philippines Adopts Leanergy: Training

In June 2015 we took the next important step: FiSS Philippines opened the door for change and welcomed Schneider Leanergy System. Seven days of workshops were run in the Philippines by Polish trainers – including more than 40 Managers, Leaders & AP Team Members.

People Engagement, Transparency & Value Added / Non Value Added – seen from the customer perspective – were the most popular phrases during this Leanergy kick off.

We all found it difficult to see the tasks performed through our customers’ eyes, but that was a necessary step in order to identify & eliminate waste. We needed to ask ourselves:

"Have a look at our process from the Customer’s perspective! Is our customer really ready to pay for it? Is it done First Time Right? Is it bringing a significant change to the process?"

One question that came up time and again was: "Of the 3 elements: People Engagement, Process Excellence & Customer Focus – which is the most critical one?" The answer was always: Everything starts with People, because they are going to identify waste & assure Process Excellence and Customer Focus.

Indeed, in SSC organizations people are the main Asset. Leanergy provides important support for team and manager development: in Gate 1 we introduce daily meetings with specific structure and efficiency criteria. Also, a soft skills coaching must be delivered to leaders. Through our daily meetings structure we also focus on transparency & understanding. During Gate 1, we ask some important questions:

  • How do I split my time over different tasks?
  • Where do I experience barriers & interruptions?
  • Which activities have to be repeated due to NON Quality ‘at the entrance" to the process?

A special application HarmoDesk helps in supporting visibility over daily problems & performance.

The Leanergy concept is now present in FiSS Philippines. Step-by-Step, Gate-by-Gate, we are moving towards success…because the best way to know our future is to create it!