05/15/2017 by Pam Gabel
Pam Gabel
How to recognize the different leadership skills you'll need as you move from planning to stabilization
shane cragun
This article proposes 3 powerful management strategies for SSO leaders
12/19/2016 by Barbara Hodge
Barbara Hodge, Editor
My picks of the best articles we posted last year
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09/29/2016 by Pedro Moreira
Pedro Moreira
The biggest gap in Hackett's latest skills assessment is in the HR function
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08/31/2016 by Pedro Moreira
The biggest change is that companies are increasing and moving into something more sophisticated, says Tom Bangemann, of the Hackett Group.
08/24/2016 by Barbara Hodge
bus strategy
"The spreadsheet approach to budgeting just could not cope with our growth initiatives and expanding business channels." Lynch Group General Manager
08/18/2016 by Simon Barton
Take note: Global report points at AI and Blockchain as game-changers
08/17/2016 by Simon Barton
A review of two major technological advances to hit Finance: Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence
07/21/2016 by Edward Gumm
We must remind scaremongers that no employment law will automatically disappear once the UK actually leaves the EU. There is also a huge amount of... Read more
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07/19/2016 by SSON Editorial
SSON Editorial
Three things make SSOs an ideal platform for RPA