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SSON Analytics' research highlights regional variations in end-to-end Global Process OwnershipWhile Global Business Services remains, for many, a [somewhat elusive] Holy Grail of Shared Services, over the past few years there has been significant and increasing interest...
Anyone acting as a Global Process Owner (GPO), moving into the role or working on a broader project it needs to audit its performance. Download this white paper to understand these three steps: Knowing when you're GPO ready, defining the right person for the role and cr...
GPO success in the modern digital finance organization means being responsive – and always change ready
This report features the Top 10 Challenges of implementing and building global process ownership. We used these challenges to help craft the agenda for SSON's first GPO conference in North America: November 18-19 in Atlanta.
How to make the most of Global Process Ownership's benefits – even without a GBS model
John Hopkins from Abbott Labs on global process ownership
A Global Process Owner (GPO) is a single owner assigned to completely oversee a given end-to-end process, such as procure-to-pay. Many organizations today still suffer from a fragmented approach to procure-to-pay (P2P), which leads to significant and avoidable inefficie...
At the 21st annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week North America, the world's largest conference for shared services and outsourcing practitioners, we uncovered some of the mega-trends impacting shared services delivery around the world.
Title: Global Process Owner: Procure to Pay (PTP) Company: WPP Location: New York Reports to: Global Financial Processes Director/BPO Director Role Summary:
Phil Searle: Sameer, you've successfully steered Orange Business Services through what is arguably one of today's most challenging business strategies: transitioning to an offshore outsourcing model. Share with us a brief background of your journey.
May 14th, 2015 Bain-Backed Outsourcing Firm Looking To Buy Syntel Business process outsourcing (GPO) firm Genpact is examining an acquisition of Syntel to bolster its IT services and automation capabilities, according to media reports.
Tim Tickle, Director, Intercompany Transformation, CUMMINS, INC., has spent the last six years working on moving Cummins from regional shared service to a truly global shared service. Today he reports to the Corporate Controller responsible for leading a global effort...
GBS is still one of the most interesting shared services trends. Is it right for you?
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