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With costs at a third of traditional offshore FTEs – is robotics "next big thing"? There's a new guy in town who is making a lot of shared services and outsource provider folks nervous, and it's not because he's operating from a lower-cost location or because he's s...
Will RPA make a real difference to shared services? Or is it a lot of hot air?
Proper use of RPA means identifying the application of the technology first, then making changes to the process to allow the technology to work (versus identifying ways to change the process)
An overview of Intelligent Automation's application to business support services. Extracted from the IA Global Market Report 2017
Hyped up in the headlines, robotics has driven both fear and anticipation through shared services organizations over the past two years. Why now is the moment to pay attention
This webinar will explain how to use RPA to eliminate low value administrative work and why so many organizations are choosing to partner with outsourcers to leverage new robotic solutions.
For many enterprises considering robotic process automation, concerns around security are preventing action. More often than not, it's the IT department that is slamming on the brakes, concerned about the potential scenario of dozens of robots running amok across its sy...
IEEE P2755 to build industry consensus for clarity and consistency in the use of Software Based Intelligent Process Automation (SBIPA) terminology
Why you should not delay in evaluating the benefits of intelligent automation for Finance support services
[Or: how to get the most out of robotics by writing a watertight Request for Proposal]
Partnership with Automation Anywhere to generate operational efficiency for Genpact clients NEW YORK, September 23, 2014 – Genpact Limited (NYSE: G), a global leader in designing, transforming and running business processes and operations, has signed an alliance...
For 10th Consecutive Quarter, Global Leader in Robotic Process Automation Reports Record Growth and Increased Adoption in Large Enterprises
Q. What is driving your improvement strategy at the moment?I currently lead Nordea’s retail RPA effort, so I would certainly say that robotics is what we are focusing on to deliver process efficiencies. Retail banking is the largest business area for our organization an...
Remember when you heard the term "multifunction" mentioned in hushed whispers at Shared Services conferences? About 10 years ago? And remember also when a couple of firms out of India started obsessing about "data analytics"? About 5 years ago? And then the constant c...
How shared services organizations are adopting robotic process automation to drive performance
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