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RPA is table stakes compared to the impact of transactional ‘greenlighting' via blockchain – what this means.
Shared Services Technology Trends: PaymentsThe year 2018 is a year of technological breakthroughs and disasters. Various new and highly promising technologies are currently being tested in organisations.
Technological advancement is the single biggest driver of change in modern society. Whether it’s healthcare, scientific research or business, technology is opening new doors, and making new initiatives possible.
Why Shared Services’ role is as Proof of Concept for Blockchain
#Blockchain is all the rage (see #Kodak). Here's what YOU need to know about it
How to establish the optimal operating model, governance practices, and dealing with automation anxiety – plus: a special section on future technologies including Internet of things, blockchain, 3-D printing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
– interview with Stephan Albers, OpusCapitaRequisition-to-pay is one area within Finance services that is getting a lot of attention lately, because it offers so many opportunities for driving improvement. The combination of a better understanding of end-to-end process...
A comparison of salary cost, talent availability, market saturation, skill sets, maturity, and recruitment growth trajectories: How to optimize your global staffing footprint
If you want to make robotic process automation part of your operations, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what you want to use it for. That, effectively, is the key message to practitioners, from anyone who has real experience with RPA solutions.Barbara Hodge...
How to make sure that your RPA investment leverages the best out of existing tech investments to avoid additional layers of complexity
At the 21st annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week North America, the world's largest conference for shared services and outsourcing practitioners, we uncovered some of the mega-trends impacting shared services delivery around the world.
At the close of SSON's 21st Annual North American Shared Services and Outsourcing Week in Orlando, chairperson Brad DeMent, partner at ScottMadden, Inc., summarized the key trends that were discussed and debated across the packed four day event.
London, 31 July 2017 – The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON), the world’s leading forum for business services executives, has today released the Global Intelligent Automation Market Report (H1 2017), shedding light on what has proven to be a complex but l...
18 results
of 2