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If you do 1 thing this week listen 2 Ascension's @rleecoulter #podcast #intelligentautomation #cufflinks #standards https://t.co/DxAW0OLFsH
Podcast interview with Alexander von Thielmann, SVP, Siemans Shared Services
Podcast interview with the CEO of the Shared Services organization at Ascension who also heads the current IEEE standards initiative for intelligent automation, AND has the role of Chief Intelligent Automation Offiicer at SSON.  
Podcast with Jorgen Lislerud, Circle K's MD of the Business Center SIA – on the strategy underpinning the global rebrand supported by shared services 
Episode Overview:Ted Graham joins us from C2 to discuss doing new and different things as it relates to the company, the industry, the brand and general society.Regarding self driving – hands off the wheel or assisted driving experiences are on the table for 2017. Full...
Gary Carter explains that offshoring's value prop has GOT to move beyond cost
Podcast with Emory University's Kathleen BienkowskiEpisode Overview:Recorded at SSOWeek, Kathleen Bienkowski joins us and shares that she feels that her psych background has done her a world of good in simply being able to relate to people in shared services.
Podcast interview with the Head of the RPA Center of Excellence at Western Union, who joins us from SSOW, about getting out of your comfort zone, moving on, and grasping new opportunities. 
How much do we not know about the peers we network with, read about, and who struggle alongside us in pushing the SSO change agenda forward? Lots, it turns out. Prepare to meet Andrew Parris
Personality podcast series introduces the people behind the jobsLondon, LDN – the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, the largest global forum for shared services and outsourcing executives, is jumping into the podcast foray with a series of personal interviews tha...
Tesco's Wojciech Wieronski joins Seth Adler for a podcast chat that ranges over his decade of experience as a CFO.
"You need to invest in the people. You need to attract them. You need to do some employer branding. You really need to show them that you take every effort to make them better."
Recorded at SSOW Canada, Vineet Guliani joins us and shares that he wanted to be a mechanical engineer because he could look at machines and know inherently what was ‘going on’ (in his words).Flash forward to 2014, Vineet was brought in to D+H to build a global capabili...
"We have to make sure that we evolve and really do what our customers need." 
162 results
of 11