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The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) is pleased to announce its Site Tour Series – a global initiative to allow visitors to tour through Shared Services Centers around the world.

During our conferences, we have found that our customers are able to engage on a deeper level when complementing our onsite plenary, roundtables and workshop discussions with a first-hand and in-person Site Visit to one of the local SSCs.


Site Tours typically include*:

Full day site tours include a tour of a 'Best in Class' SSC, transport between the venues plus a networking lunch or dinner. Site tours range from 1.5-2.5 hours and can include:

  • Corporate Presentation
  • Shared Service Presentation
  • Challenges and Q&A
  • Walking tour of the operating premises
  • Refreshment (for great networking opportunities)

*May vary according to region

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the operational ins and outs of running a 'best in class' Shared Services Center
  • Acquire first-hand knowledge by speaking to those who head the SSC
  • Share your thoughts and questions about the technological solutions and their practical ROI
  • Network with SSC professionals from your region in a more relaxed setting


Given this, the Site Tours we host have always been a sold-out success.

That's why we are introducing our Site Tour Series, to allow you more opportunities to visit a local Shared Service Center near you.

View our global calendar below to find a Site Tour near you!

Please note: Spaces are limited with an average maximum participation of just 20, so book early to avoid missing out!

2014 Calendar by Region:

Asia   |   Europe   |   North America


Malaysia, Singapore & the Philippines

As companies look to the Asian markets to spearhead the beginnings of expansion, never has there been a better time to re-evaluate the role your Asian operation plays within the global workforce. Many regional leaders speak of maintaining low cost, locations and finding high skilled resources to provide global support services, while at the same time leveraging these resources to push into expanding Asian markets.

By viewing 'Best in Class' Shared Services Centres in your region, you will be able to see the changes industry leaders are currently implementing, the technologies they are using and the talent management techniques they're utilising, giving you tangible ideas and strategies to improve your SSC.

Date & Place Website
SSON Site Tour Malaysia 2014 (11th March)www.ssonsitetour-asia.comVisit site
SSON Site Tour Singapore 2014 (18th March)www.ssonsitetour-asia.comVisit site
SSON Site Tour Philippines 2014 (To Be Confirmed)
Visit site
Number of Tours Pricing
1 Tour1299 USD
2 Tours2398 USD (save 200)
3 Tours3497 USD (save 400)


Ireland, Poland

Europe has been a shared services and outsourcing hub since the industry began to mature, with local hotspots in Ireland and Poland. With the European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week's new location in Dublin, we have the benefit of being placed within driving distance of some of the world's leading companies.

As part of our 2014 European conferences, we are pleased to host the following site tours:

Shared Service Centre   Date City Website
City of Lodz 3 March 2014Lodzwww.businessservicedeliverycee.comVisit site
Oakley12 May 2014Dublinwww.ssoweek.comVisit site
Ingersoll Rand12 May 2014Dublinwww.ssoweek.comVisit site
Microsoft12 May 2014Dublinwww.ssoweek.comVisit site
Pfizer12 May 2014Dublinwww.ssoweek.comVisit site
Ingersoll Rand15 May 2014Dublinwww.ssoweek.comVisit site
Number of Tours Pricing
1 Tour€699 + VAT
2 Tours€1,199 + VAT


North America:
United States

The North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week has the benefit of being in the backyard of dozens of successful shared service centers operated by some of the largest companies in the world.

The SSON team is excited to announce the following site tours in coordination with the event:

Shared Service Centre   Date City Website
Coca-Cola (HR)March 11, 2014Tampa Baywww.sharedservicesweek.comVisit site
Coca-Cola (Finance)March 11, 2014Tampa Baywww.sharedservicesweek.comVisit site
CitigroupMarch 11, 2014Tampa Baywww.sharedservicesweek.comVisit site
SiemensMarch 11, 2014Orlandowww.sharedservicesweek.comVisit site
Tampa Bay Away Day  Tampa Baywww.sharedservicesweek.comVisit site
Number of Tours Pricing
1 Tour$599
2 Tours$999
Tampa Bay Away Day$999

Contact us at for any questions on an upcoming site tour.

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