Considering China for Shared Services? Read SSON's China Market Report 2015

Richard Pain

China’s shared service sector is booming as cost factors and Government incentives encourage both multi-national companies (MNCs) and privately owned ventures (POVs) to activate shared services. In addition, China’s state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) is now directing 130+ large-scale, State-owned enterprises (SOEs) to set up their own finance shared services centres, in order to increase control and financial visibility, thereby generating a new wave of emerging SSCs within local companies.

By the end of the year China’s Shared Services industry is projected to account for 47% of GDP and reach a value of USD $85 billion (up from USD 33.64 billion in 2012).

In addition, there are now 20 designated "outsourcing" cities to support the industry’s growth.

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