ANZ Explains its RPA Success

ANZ started on a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey in early 2015. Beginning the deployment in its Bengaluru global in-house center, it quickly ramped up across all four of its Global Hubs in Asia and Pacific. The program rapidly scaled to over 100 robots, with another 100 expected in the coming quarter, and nearly one thousand more in 2016.


After witnessing the strong start in the Global Hubs, ANZ businesses in various countries have also begun to adopt RPA, leading to this initiative being one of the fastest growing automation programs around.

Everest Group's Eric Simonson, Managing Partner, Research, interviewed ANZ's Simen Munter and Pankajam Sridevi to learn more about the company’s automation journey. They explained the drivers for RPA, how to ensure rapid adoption, shared a valuable tip on how to choose what to start with (!), and the results to date (ROI within one year).

With 10,000 people in ANZ's 4 Asian delivery hubs, the positive impact of RPA is enormous – and not just in terms of improved reliability and quality. Today, staff are able to spend more time analysing what the data means, rather than try to make the process work. And that is the kind of value-add that drives success.

To read the interview, including how ANZ worked with solution provider Automation Anywhere to integrate learning, click below.