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SSON Global Industry Report 2018

Technology is redefining what’s possible: automation-driven performance, expansion of scope, and digital innovations Learn more

T&E services SAP Concur

You know what shared services can do but do you know how and why T&E fits? Learn more

The glass ceiling for women in shared services is real. Download the white paper below to discover:A collection of facts & figures illustrating the current state of female leadership in financial servicesAn overview of why investing in diversity is critical to business success Tips & Tools for systematically identifying and addressing gender leadership gapsPlus! Two speaker interviews on packed full of advice on how to build women leadership initiatives that actually work:... Learn more

Tags: women | leadership | gender

Farsighted companies are already recognizing the convergence of digital, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into new organizational models which exponentially leverage these capabilities.But the question remains, how and where to start? Find out in this exclusive report by downloading below. Learn more

The business environment today is tough, challenging, and moving at exponential pace. But it's also full of opportunities, as technology continues to drive organizational changes.Before we examine how Intelligent Automation (IA) is evolving within Malaysian Shared Services operations, it’s important to clarify what this means.Download the white paper below to learn more. Learn more

IDC Concur Invoice

Invoice management software reduces AR turnover, improves cash flow, and provides a more accurate picture of a company’s finances Learn more

Find out how Finance Leaders can boost performance by guiding other business units’ strategic decision-making Learn more

Forrester SAP Concur

Forrester Consulting evaluates how companies are making decisions about travel and expenses and accounts payable solutions Learn more

Tags: T&E | invoices | AP

Brad DeMent, ScottMadden – Chairman’s Takeaways SSO Week North America 2018 Learn more

311 whitepaper results
of 32