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Old-style 'accountants' are becoming 'expert counsellors' – strategic advisors with an understanding of the entire business, analytical capabilities, and near-mythological forecasting abilities. Sounds impossible? On the contrary, it's within [robotic] reach Learn more


What advice would you share on consolidating SSCs or on overcoming the stigma of poor customer service? Learn more

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rewiring robots

Although not immediately apparent, most organizations already employ an army of robots. Their job is to smooth over the cracks between the organization’s “heritage” systems and the needs of its customers. They’re called employees — people that are stuck doing highly repetitive, mundane and non-value adding tasks. Most large organizations have many thousands of them; people that are far better deployed to advise and assist customers.But now there is help at hand.... Learn more

rpa philippines

For economies like that of the Philippines, that have bet heavily on the human-driven services sector, [robotic automation] could spell disaster. Then again, it could spell opportunity. Learn more


Create reasons to stay, and build incentives, career paths, training, and leadership development into your employee engagement strategies Learn more


How the Philippines Shared Services industry is already repositioning itself for the new digital age Learn more

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CEE talent SSO

How to craft a talent strategy to get the most out of Millennials – and use "gamification" to beat them at their own game! Learn more

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According to Ardent Partners, best-in-class companies are 77% more likely to leverage a complete purchase-to-pay solution.In fact, smart accounts payable and procurement teams leverage the financial transformation mandate to gain the upper hand in operational improvements.These companies understand that a tight linkage between AP and procurement is key to achieving dramatic benefits.How can you break silos, tame chaos and become a performance champion at your company?Download this white paper... Learn more

cee market report

Central and East Europe is not threatened by robotic processing – it's being powered by it! Learn more

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Eric Riego de Dios

A veteran of the Filipino HR service delivery market on the challenges and successes of providing global service Learn more

250 whitepaper results
of 25