In periods of great economic upheaval such as businesses are going through right now, the business services are looked at as “back bone” instead of “back-office” as they supply crucial efficiencies to the greater business. Shared Services Select is for those driving business services strategy within their organization, who need to ensure operational successes while keeping their eyes on what will keep their stakeholders engaged, motivated and happy in the current climate.

This virtual peer-to-peer networking format is designed to create a culture of innovation and to facilitate benchmarking amongst the most senior shared services executives. The Select Series provides the most thought-provoking insight, practical solutions and quality time with top-level contacts from the brands and solution provider companies you want to meet.

Strategic Content Will Include:
Technological acceleration as a strategy to combat extreme disruption and economic uncertainty
Adding front-end value to an SSO as well as back-office cost savings
Data-based decision-making for the digital GBS organization
Employee engagement and talent management, especially to aid in the emotional health of employees

What does Shared Services Select mean for you?

1:1 Business Meetings

Consultative one-to-one private business meetings with solution providers that can help you navigate your biggest challenges and meet your specific business needs

1:1 Practitioner Meetings

Pick your room and prepare for a no-holds-barred conversation with your practitioner executive peers. This is a solution provider-free zone!

For Your Eyes Only!

By invitation only - this tailored content is specifically designed for the seniority and maturity of the participants