Chen Theng Aik

Director and Head of Center for Financial Services (CFS) Pall Corporation

Agenda Day 2

Saturday, January 2nd, 2021

9:40 AM Panel Discussion | Designing a World-Class Centre of Excellence

CoE is one function that can unlock immense value once leveraged properly. However, the journey towards developing a world-class CoE is not an easy one and it does not happen overnight. In this session, we discuss the myths in designing CoEs and guide you on your CoE journey.

  • Defining your CoE model and governance structure
  • Developing your CoE – A different location? How do you decide?
  • Managing change and transformation along the CoE journey

11:20 AM People | Roundtable A | Creating a Culture that Engenders Collaboration and Innovation During Transformation to Minimise ‘Resistance’

  • Re-designing employee experience – creating a environments that promotes collaboration, innovation and overall motivation of the workforce
  • Ending the silo mentality and designing structures that facilitate cross-practice work
  • Empowering the workforce through effective employee engagement

Post-Conference Workshop

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

1:00 PM Workshop D | Future-Proofing Your Workforce Talent by Building a Succession Plan with Actionable Milestones

CFOs play a strategic leadership role, especially in digitising organisations. A gap in leadership can result in major setback. CEOs are expecting CFOs to have their succession plan ready to avoid such disruption to protect the interest of the organisation. Having a succession plan prepared ahead of time will aid in a smooth transition. Successors, whether sourced internally or externally, should possess the skillset and capacity to lead organisations in a digital age. This workshop will equip you with the framework to continue your legacy.
  • Guiding you in building a strong team to avoid leadership gap
  • Assessing your organisation, talents and capabilities to design a succession plan with specific milestones
  • Understanding direct reports’ ambitions and qualifications for their promotability

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Chen.

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