Mohamed Imthiaz

Vice President Finance Emirates National Copper Factory

Mohamed is responsible for Financing - downstream expansion and upstream integration, financial strategy, and corporate planning. Prior to joining Nuhas, Imthiaz worked in financial management roles at several companies, including GGICO Group, Vision Shipping and Al Taher Group. Notable is his contribution for manufacturing startups such as Nuhas (2014) and GGICO company – Gulf Dura (2007) from inception.

Conference Day One: Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Monday, April 20th, 2020


  • Auto-extracting process knowledge from videos and logs is one of the top priorities for IA companies
  • Empowering RPA developers through process modelling videos to enable them to get clear insights of the process they are programming and subsequently getting rid of onerous process manuals.

2:30 PM DIGITAL TAXATION AND AUDIT FIRESIDE CHAT: Extracting Powerful Audit Insights By Adapting IA Technologies

So, you’ve transformed your business operations and now have an army of bots and IA at your service. And with it layers of data. So, what happens next?

In this session, we will explore:
  • How programmed AI and cognitive technologies can provide powerful data analytics that relate to customer buying behaviour, patient’s medical records, inventory and claims processing, financial reporting etc.
  • Structuring your data to extract real time insights
  • Dashboards – making your intelligence visual and actionable

Conference Day Two: Thursday, 22 October 2020

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

12:20 PM THE PREDICTIVE ENTERPRISE: Empowering The CFO With The Economic Intelligence To Foresee Future Business Performance

As a CFO, are you confident that you will meet your demand planning goals? Do you have a good sense for how external factors will impact your business?

The role of the CFO is evolving as fast as the world is changing. The CFO that has visibility to performance risks ahead of the competition gains a competitive advantage. One of the most promising applications of Predictive Economic Intelligence is to quickly assist in determining the most relevant external drivers of business performance. By mimicking the methodology of economists, machine learning-based solutions can rapidly discover and monitor economic and consumer behaviour leading indicators specific to their business or industry.

This session will explore the value in identifying key leading indicators that provide on-demand view of future performance. See how specific economic indicators impact future planning and how combining the world’s data with machine learning can empower today's CFO with Predictive Economic Intelligence.

Virtual Conference Day 2: Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

11:00 AM Ensuring the business has sufficient liquidity to get through the crisis

·         Modelling your financials (Cash flow, P&L and balance sheet) and identifying triggers that may impact liquidity of the company
·         Defining moves that will stabilise the organization when it comes to accounts payable and receivable, cost reduction, disinvestments etc.

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