16 - 19 September 2019 | Online | Free-to-Attend

Digital transformation and the advancement of automation continue to widen its reach across Shared Services Organisations, BPO’s and GBS centers.  Now in its fourth year, the IA World Series will bring together client case studies demonstrating practical application of robotics automation along with a view of how automation is changing the face of service delivery.  The expansion of a digital workforce introduces new challenges in resource planning and the opportunity to create a culture of innovation.  

Please join us for interactive exchanges to learn from industry experts and solution providers as they share their experiences and lessons learned.  Topics covered in the IA World Series include; Intelligent Automation, Process Mining, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation and much more! The online conference is free-of-charge and open to all industry professionals interested in the field of Intelligent Automation.

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Day 1: Monday 16 September 

0930 - 1030 US ET
Harnessing the Power of Integrated Automation Technologies to Improve Productivity and Transform the Entire Financial Process

Enabling true end-to-end automation is the real measure of success for most digital transformation journeys. Enterprises are waking up to the benefits of integrated automation to scale projects beyond traditional RPA implementations and automate entire processes not just tasks.  But integrated automation itself has now moved on to include far more than just digitization plus RPA, Today, it’s about coupling data curation with digital workforce/operations management.
During this live webinar, we’ll take a deeper dive into the finance transformation journey of Cypress Semiconductor and how they plan to use emerging technologies and solution providers, like AntWorks.  We’ll discuss lessons learned by Cypress, including evaluation of talent, cross functional engagement, and the other things required to be successful at driving a transformation journey.
Bill Schrank, Senior Vice President – AntWorks
Sameer Ladiwala, Chief Accounting Officer-  Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
Brought to you by: AntWorks

1100 - 1200 US ET
Transforming Banking with Smart Automation

In this webinar Bain and NICE RPA will explore how the convergence of humans and intelligent robots is transforming banking, enhancing the customer experience while revolutionizing operations.

Key Takeaways from this session include:
  • Insights into how robotic process automation and AI can support the most critical challenges facing banks today
  • A rich array of practical examples demonstrating the impact of intelligent automation on banking operations
  • Practical guidance on how to assess your organization’s automation readiness
Bain & Company (Partners) - Jed Fallis and Moshe Dickerman
Omer Fuchs: Head of Strategy and Business Development, NICE Advanced Process Automation solutions
Brought to you by:  NICE

1300 – 1400 US ET
Humans vs. Bots: How to monitor your hybrid process end-to-end
You have finally implemented bots into your operations, ready to sit back and put your feet on the table and watch happily as your RPA initiative bears fruit for your company. But have you ever examined whether the entire process has improved, not just the part managed by your bots? You should never forget that in your hybrid process, there is still human impact.
You can, therefore, easily find out that your bots perform perfectly, but not in alignment with your employees. Extensive workload for employees, delays, inefficiency of the entire process - these are just a few issues that your company can face.

    During this session, you will learn:
    • How to look at your process end-to-end and ensure that the entire process is running as expected?
    • What are the most common post-implementation challenges in RPA and how to overcome them with the help of Process Mining?
    • Which metrics should you pay attention to in order to secure a successful RPA project?
Presenter:  Michal Rosik, CPO and Product Visionary, Minit
Brought to you by:  Minit

1430 – 1530 US ET
An Integrated Automation Conversation: Understanding What it is and How to Prepare for it

When implementing IA initiatives into your organization to enhance and improve its processes and business intelligence, it’s essential to develop practical and feasible short and long-term project strategies. 
When doing so, your program will be better equipped to tackle the expected and not so expected obstacles along its IA journey, as well as be prepared for each new phase of its overall journey.

Presenters:  Scott Teeple, CTO and Kent Andrews, Director of Professional Services
Brought to you by: Agilify

Day 2: Tuesday 17 September
0800 - 0900 US ET
Transforming customer operations with Intelligent Automation: TransUnion scales success
By employing the Thoughtonomy Intelligent Automation platform, TransUnion have been able to establish new delivery models that align to their overall organisational goals, and in doing so have increased the efficiency of the consumer-facing operations. Business Transformation Manager of TransUnion, Gabe Tribuiani, and Thoughtonony Head of Customer Success, Adam Lawrence will be sharing the story of how TransUnion embarked on its journey and the best practice lessons learned on managing to scale roll-out of automations.
From this session you’ll learn:
  • How to navigate the link between automation COE and the business
  • Way to get business buy-in for your automation strategy
  • Tactics to take automation from innovation project to critical cornerstone for operational strategy
Gabe Tribuiani, Business Transformation Manager, TransUnion
Adam Lawrence, Head of Customer Success, Thoughtonomy
 Brought to you by:  Thoughtonomy

0930 - 1030 US ET
Automation Singularity: Seamlessly unifying human-digital workforce to make you future ready
Given the imperative to remain customer-centric and competitive, enterprises must offer differentiated offerings and be extremely responsive. For delivering on this promise, enterprises need to be agile, hyper-productive, consistent and scalable. This can be achieved by a unified, coordinated workforce of human and digital workers. Human specialists drive customer orientation using their creativity and empathy, and are complemented by digital workers with extreme productivity and consistency. “Automation Singularity” refers to this highly customer-centric and agile oriented state of constant improvisation and optimization through a unified workforce, opening up an expanded horizon of possibilities. It reflects a hyper-optimized state which serves as a beacon for enterprises to design, structure and deliver products and services.

Guha R, AVP, Product Management, EdgeVerve
Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President, IDC
Brought to you by:  EdgeVerve

1100 - 1200 US ET
Developing Automation at Scale

Mars is already reshaping the future of work. Their secret? Deploying automation at scale while working in partnership with HR to make work more human. Learn how automation can scale and humans can thrive together. As Human Capital and Digital Labor come together resource management becomes even more critical to enriched business outcomes.

  • From this session you’ll learn:
  • How to humanize the Human Resources experiences in the age of automation
  • The role of HR in automation change management
  • The steps to elevate humans through automation advancement
John Cottongim, Industry Automation Expert

1300 – 1400 US ET
Make vs Buy and The Best of Both Worlds

In a highly outsourced delivery model, Warner Bros had a choice to make when constructing their automation strategy.     Leverage the technical strength of their outsource partner or develop the competency themselves.  In a culture where Shared Services is the ultimate owner of customer satisfaction and business results, regardless of who delivers a task, the team decided to capitalize on the benefits of both automation channels.

In an interactive discussion, we'll explore:
  • E2E process ownership and the robot RACI roles
  • Establishing governance and framework to scale across both channels
  • How to make your auditors happy in a dual provider environment
Scott Gillan, Executive Director, Transformation & Service Management, EFS, Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies

1430 - 1530 US ET

After four years of robotics and intelligent automation in the workplace, there’s enough data in the market to assess its success. What we know so far: process choice and change management are key enablers – or causes of failure! Join Barbara Hodge, SSON’s Global Digital Content Editor and Rochelle Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research, as they share the highlights of SSON’s third bi-annual Global Intelligent Automation Market Report 2019 (H1): How to Make IA Stick Through Effective Change Management.
Presenters:  Barbara Hodge, Global Editor, SSON

Day 3: Wednesday 18 September

0830 – 0930 US ET
Digital Transformation Strategy for the Future

Scaling up an Intelligent Automation program requires significant time and financial investments. Achieving payback in the near term while outlining a plan to take your automation program into the future is no small feat. Learn how to adopt agile methodology and to outline a transformation strategy to maintain program benefits across time. 

In this session, we will explore:
  • Keeping pace with your organization’s bot productivity demands as they evolve over time
  • Total Cost of Ownership at scale including operational, technology, and workforce level investments
  • Impact of agile methodology adoption on payback and results delivery

Presenter:  Avi Bhagtani, Director - Product Marketing &  Strategy, AI and Cognitive, Automation Anywhere
Brought to you by:  Automation Anywhere

0945 – 1030 US ET
Getting Your Processes Automation Ready

Preplanning to ensure you are automating the right processes is a prerequisite to effectively preparing for automation at scale.   Learn how to avoid ‘faster bad’ outcomes by speeding up exception riddled processes by prematurely applying automation.   

In this session we’ll explore how to prepare your processes by:
  • Evaluating when to re-engineer vs automate
  • Bringing the team with the skills, mindset and attitude toward change
  • Examining use of tools outside of traditional RPA
Harish Ramaswamy, Manager, Lowes

1100 – 1200 US ET
The 3 P’s of Fueling Strategy and Innovation in Finance

Discover how to successfully plan and implement an effective AI and machine learning program by honing your strategy on products, people and process. Too often organizations have an imbalance between the three elements and do not achieve program success.
Bob Kurpershoek, Director Innovations and Strategic Initiatives, NBCUniversal Media

1200 - 1300 US ET
Achieving Automation Success Through Self-Service
How to plan the easiest path to digital transformation
Deploying and scaling automation doesn’t have to be a heavy IT lift. Mayo Clinic's human resources team proves it. In this webinar led by Kate Palmer of Mayo Clinic, learn how they promoted four of its human resources employees to build and analyze automations full-time to completely automate thousands of hours of tedious HR processes in just one year. Now in the second year of its automation journey, the organization is projected to continue scaling its efforts to successfully automate over 100,000 hours of work by the end of 2019, while upskilling more employees as full-time automators who will expand future opportunities for automation.

From this session, you will learn how to:
  • Identify and prioritize automation for immediate organizational impact
  • Design an automation roadmap for quick wins and a scaling plan
  • Build buy-in and sustain change management throughout your business
  • Keep people in the loop of automation and upskill employees
  • Quantify and measure automation's ROI
  • Pave the way for predictive analytics, AI, and increasing business intelligence
Kate Palmer, Leader of New Technologies - Human Resources, Mayo Clinic
Jeff Grisenthwaite, VP of Product, Catalytic
Brought to you by:  Catalytic 

1300 – 1400 US ET
Taking the First Step to Automation

If you are just starting your journey to advancing automation in your processes you are not alone!  Building a strong foundation from the beginning can provide a 'leg up'   as you grow and scale your automation initiatives.  Learn about some of the barriers you may face and participate in the session by sharing your challenges in our interactive discussion format. 

In this session Matt will share the insights from his experience (tips he wished knew when his team got started) including:
  • How to navigate the provider landscape
  • Essentials for building your foundation
  • Considerations and components needed to operationalize your automation
Matt Gustitus, Director - Automation COE, Finance Shared Service Center, Eli Lilly

1430 – 1530 US ET
Delivering quantified value by optimizing your Accounts Payable process with intelligent decisions

Go beyond Intelligent Automation and learn how to use innovative technology to improve working capital by optimizing your AP process. In this session, you will learn about a new approach to the Accounts Payable process pioneered at leading companies like Vodafone, Becton Dickinson, and Siemens. We will discuss how these leading companies have delivered specific value, like 96% perfect PO rate and $15M in savings from eliminating manual tasks.
In this session you’ll learn how your organization can:
- Discover root-causes in your Purchase-to-Pay process that can affect Accounts Payable performance
- Enhance your processes with intelligent recommendations that prevent downstream issues
- Monitor improvements and show specific dollar impact to key metrics like working capital, cash discounts, and DPO
Presenter:  Southard Jones, Vice President - Product Marketing, Celonis
Brought to you by:  Celonis

Day 4: Thursday 19 September

0930 - 1030 US ET
Why Digital Transformations Fail

As history often repeats itself we can foresee companies becoming irrelevant and closing their doors in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This one is caused by digital disruption and promises to be as disruptive as any of the past three.
 Digital Transformation will likely result in 40% of the S&P 500 turning over in the next decade. Based on real-life experience of having led a successful transformation of Procter & Gamble’s industry-leading Global Business Services, Tony will offer his secrets on how to succeed in digital transformation. 
 The session will include a virtual book signing and attendees will be eligible to win a copy of Tony’s book.

Tony Saldanha, Global IT and Shared Services Executive and Consultant, Transformant

1100 - 1200 US ET
Industry Standards in Intelligent Process Automation

After more than a year of deliberation, the IEEE Working Group is releasing the automation standard (P2755.1) which has been composed as yardstick to define and measure automation solutions.  In examining each criteria the cross-discipline team outlined its importance and how to confirm the criteria has been met. 
Application of the standard aide practitioners in their evaluation of automation tools and sets a gauge for providers to differentiate themselves. 

From this session you’ll learn:
  • From architecture to execution – the six elements of automation taxonomy
  • How to apply the standard in vendor selection, tool procurement and stakeholder identification
  • Guidance on leveraging the standard when constructing your COE
Presenter:  Lee Coulter, CEO (former) Ascension Ministry Service Center and Chair, IEEE Working Group on Standards in Intelligent Process Automation

1200 - 1215 US ET
Chairwoman’s Conference Summary
Join in as our conference Chair will provide her highlights, insights and key takeaways from the week. 
Rochelle Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research, SSON

John Cottongim

John Cottongim

Industry Automation Expert

Roots Automation

Scott Gillan

Scott Gillan

Executive Director of Transformation & Service Management, Enterprise Finan

Warner Brothers

Bob Kurpershoek

Bob Kurpershoek

Director Innovations and Strategic Initiatives

NBCUniversal Media

Matt Gustitus

Matt Gustitus

Automation COE, Finance Shared Service Center

Eli Lilly and Company

Tony Saldanha

Tony Saldanha

President Transformant, and former VP Global Business Services, Next Generation Services


Lee Coulter

Lee Coulter

Chair IEEE Working Group on Intelligent Process Automation


Rochelle A. Hood PMP

Rochelle A. Hood PMP

Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research


R Guha

R Guha

Senior Director, Product Management


Maureen Fleming

Maureen Fleming

Program Vice President


Southard Jones

Southard Jones

Vice President - Product Marketing


Kate Palmer

Kate Palmer

Leader of New Technologies, Human Resources

Mayo Clinic

Jeff Grisenthwaite

Jeff Grisenthwaite

VP of Product


Bill Schrank

Bill Schrank

Senior Vice President of Sales


Scott Teeple

Scott Teeple

Chief Technology Officer


Kent Andrews

Kent Andrews

Principal, Automation Delivery and Director of Professional Services


Michal Rosik CPO

Michal Rosik CPO

Chief Product Officer (CPO) & Product Visionary


Sameer Ladiwala

Sameer Ladiwala

Chief Accounting Officer

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation,

Avi Bhagtani

Avi Bhagtani

Director of Product Marketing, AI & Cognitive Automation

Automation Anywhere

Gabe Tribuiani

Gabe Tribuiani

Business Transformation Manager


Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence

Head of Customer Success


Barbara Hodge

Barbara Hodge

Principal Analyst, Global Editor

SSON Network

Harish Ramaswamy

Harish Ramaswamy




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