10 - 12 February, 2020 | Hilton Syon Park, London, United Kingdom

Future of Finance and CFO Summit Blog

The Future of Finance: Three Stages From Two Perspectives

In the lead up to the Future of Finance and CFO Summit 2020, we spoke with Ian Brimicombe, Senior Vice President Group Finance, Burberry, and Camilla Thorsager Trendell, International Director & Finance Director itsu [grocery]. This report will show you how both companies are preparing for, moving towards, and dealing with the challenges presented by, the future of finance.

The New Role For CFOs And Finance Leaders

By: Anders Liu-Lindberg

In the build up to the Future of Finance conference, SSON surveyed 130 finance leaders to uncover the secret to success in a changing landscape. Here, Anders Liu-Lindberg provides expert commentary on the results

3 Traits of an Effective Finance Business Partner

Providing the business with trusted advice, support, analysis and value, Finance Business Partnering is an essential component of the finance function. We outline three of the most important traits that contribute to becoming an effective finance business partner. 

How can Blockchain Transform the Finance Function?

While still in its infancy, the enigma of blockchain permeates the minds of many finance professionals. Below, we breakdown how this game-changing technology can provide businesses with the opportunity to revolutionise their finance function.

4 Common Finance Automation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The excitement around digital technologies such as RPA and IA is growing. Here, we outline four common mistakes that are made when automating the finance function alongside advice as to how you can avoid them.

4 Statistics that Every Chief Financial Officer Should Know

The role of the CFO is changing. In preparation for the imminent future of finance, here are four vital statistics that demonstrate the pressing reality of this evolution.

RPA 101: How can Robotic Process Automation Improve the Finance Function?

Over the past few years, Robotic Process Automation has surpassed its reputation as just another buzzword to become a reality for the finance functions of businesses in a myriad of industries. Here, we break down the purpose, benefits and applications of this increasingly popular technology.