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The Future of Finance and CFO Summit 2021 Event Guide

Continuing the theme of embracing digital, The 2021 Future of Finance and CFO Summit will be going virtual - 100% online! The event will not only ensure you meet like-minded finance professionals, but give you the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from CFOs and finance leaders on how ...

Business Partnering & Leadership

Start up Vs. Heritage: What Finance Looks Like - an interview with Burberry and Itsu

We spoke with Ian Brimicombe, Senior Vice President Group Finance, Burberry, and Camilla Thorsager Trendell, International Director & Finance Director, itsu [grocery], to gain an insight into what the future of finance looks like for two businesses that sit at drastically different ends of the scale (start up vs. heritage)

CFOs seize opportunity and push forward with global expansion

In spite of the economic upheaval caused by Covid-19, most CFOs are not abandoning their global expansion plans. Indeed, they are moving forward faster than ever, pushing their revenue and operations teams to go after market share and to localize talent to the jurisdiction where it is most costefficient. A...

Unleashing emotional intelligence: An interview with William Johnson

Emotional intelligence is a quality too often excluded from the archetype of the finance professional.William Johnson, Group Finance Director for Napp Pharmaceuticals, is coaching his team to appreciate and apply emotional intelligence in their interactions as finance business partners. Download this exclusive interview where William provides an insight into his...

RPA: A Finance Leader's Starter Pack

Download this free infographic to discover how RPA can revolutionise your financial processes. The infographic focuses on three main elements: Efficiency AutomationAccuracy The finance world is a hot industry that is constantly changing to keep up with the demands and trends expected from it. The next big step for you...

How are you going to lead finance to 2020 and beyond?

How are you going to lead finance to 2020 and beyond? What will it take to become a truly strategic partner?The Future of Finance and CFO Summit's Advisory Board predict 5 critical levers. Read on to find out what they are!

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See who is attending the Future of Finance & CFO Summit 2020

How to design the optimal finance model for the future?

While the centralisation of business services support in Shared Services has yielded tremendous benefits and advantages, continued pressure upwards is pushing Finance to deliver “more.” Many customer concerns relate to problem-solving, whereby analysing finance processes can drive different decision-making, lead to the reengineering of processes, solve bottlenecks, and leverage data...

Addressing your challenges at the Future of Finance and CFO Summit

Our industry ties exist through our excellent advisory board, the extensively connect SSO Network, our individual research contacts, the established portfolio of shared services events, and of course, through Future of Finance event feedback that we capture year-on-year. It’s because of this we’ve built this year’s agenda around your goals,...

Top 3 Future of Finance Resources

We are getting closer to the Future of Finance and CFO Summit in 2020, an industry leading event for those looking to excel and evolve in the finance function. We have prepared a content bundle to fast track you on some of the amazing topics we will be discussing on...

The Future CFO | Raconteur Special Report | Distributed in The Sunday Times

71 per cent of finance leaders say they are increasingly responsible for ethical decision-making in support of their organisation’s purpose. The Future CFO special report, published in The Sunday Times, in partnership with SSON, covers the ever-changing CFO role beyond that of number crunchers to that of value leaders. It...

Future of Finance 2020: Architects of value-creation, leading strategy with transformative insights

In the lead up to 2020, key forces shaping the Finance function are digitalisation, analytics and the value proposition of Finance. This report will begin with measures of success in Finance Shared Services. It will move on to examine how Finance can overcome hurdles to advanced analytics and empower executives...

Finance Forward | How to drive Business Transformation through Digitisation and Automation

What does this transformation look like? In a word: automated. Technology, however, is generally the easy part. It’s the People that are the challenge. To bring people along on the journey requires change management, pure and simple. Indeed, more transformation initiatives fail as a direct result of poor or insufficiently...

Future of Finance Benchmarking Report 2020

In the run up to the Future of Finance and CFO Summit 2020, SSON ran a survey to identify just how finance leaders are restructuring their role and their careers in the digitised environment. And the results are enlightening, not least of all because we see real evidence of a...

The Future of Finance - Three Stages from Two Perspectives

The future of finance is approaching and all businesses, big or small, must prepare for it.In the lead up to the Future of Finance and CFO Summit 2019, we spoke with Ian Brimicombe, Senior Vice President Group Finance, Burberry, and Camilla Thorsager Trendell, International Director & Finance Director itsu [grocery],...

Key Strategies, Digital Enablers & Skills Prioritised | SSON Analytics

In the run up to the Future of Finance and CFO Summit 2019, SSON Analytics has blended proprietary and public data to find out more about the unprecedented pace of change within the Finance function. The report uncovers more on strategies of Finance leaders, digital enablers and how the role...

Additional Event Information

Post Show Report | Future of Finance and CFO Summit 2019

Discover what attendees experienced at FOF 2019 and why 85% would recommend this summit to colleagues and to people in their wider network. 

Future of Finance Awards 2020

Application and Guidelines | Future of Finance Awards 2020

This document serves as the general guideline for Future of Finance & CFO Awards submission. Please read through the criteria for each category carefully and answer these questions in your supporting document.

Content from Future of Finance 2020 Partners

Leverage Value by Bridging the Digital Gap

Indirect spend is often thought of as the poor relation in the procurement family. Spend can be low, administration costs high, and rarely do purchases in this category contribute directly to the business output.For a long time, it has been considered to be too disjointed and the spend too insignificant for...

SideTrade Client Case Study - Randstad

RANDSTAD partnered with Sidetrade to predict financial flows on the Sales-to-Cash cycle and optimize customer relationship.

SideTrade Client Case Study -

Sidetrade has partnered with the world leader in the manufacturing of innovative abrasive solutions to support the digital transformation of their Finance Department.

Finance Face to Face

Finance Face to Face with Jules Radford, VP Finance Operations of Inmarsat

Jules Radford, Vice President Finance Operations at Inmarsat, talks about how his finance journey can help you, being passionate, and crafting a finance role that plays to your strengths. Jules also discusses the challenges presented by digitisation and automation, how the role of finance professionals are changing, and what you...

Finance Face to Face with Will James, Director, Global Business Services UK, Ultra Electronics

Will James, Director of global Business Services UK at Ultra Electronica, shares his insights into learning, being an asset, and the keys to being a good collaborator. You will find out why Will thinks it is so important to be incisive and accurate in your decision making. There is an...

Finance Face to Face with Susanne Liepmann - International Group CFO, President FiPlus

“My motto? Alone I go quicker, together we go further.” In this interview, Susanne Liepmann gives us her best pieces of advice for those wanting to succeed with finance.Gain insight into her experience with mentorship and what standout innovation is being seen through her current role. A must read! 

Virtual Interactive Discussion Groups: Tailor the Conversation

Future of Finance Virtual Interactive Discussion Groups Participant Agenda

Join the fellow forward-looking CFOs and their teams who are looking to proactively transform the role of finance in order to better support business-wide strategic initiatives. Engage in critical conversations during this unprecedented time to ensure a proactive response to the ever-growing expectations across finance. Drive ADAPT, INNOVATE AND THRIVE:...