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Online courses commence June 2021 with limited spaces

Why is Professional GBS Certification So Important?

Global Business Services (GBS) is one of the hottest areas of corporate development in driving optimized performance across business support services. GBS is also the primary vehicle for driving digital transformation. According to SSON's 2020 survey, 60% of shared services around the world already operate as GBS and another 18% plan to move to the model within five years. And yet, GBS as a practice lacks the standardization and broadly acknowledged certification that such an influential operation would be expected to have.

With the GBS industry poised to hit $111bn by 2025, the fact that we still see so many 'failures' is simply unacceptable. Most of these are due to a faulty approach, framework and implementation. That is why today, more than ever, a trusted and proven methodology is key.   

Professional GBS™ Certification

Professional GBS™ is a training module that teaches critical Global Business Services (GBS) skills. With the term ‘GBS’ often approached incorrectly, this has led to too many sub-par executions. There is a right way to execute GBS, as witnessed by the incredible success of the model in many of the Fortune 20 companies, including Procter & Gamble, where the term was first invented in the early 2000s.

That model has now been encapsulated into five areas: GBS Foundation, Service Management, Operations Management, Transformation & Change Management and Leadership.

This is your opportunity to become certified in GBS, entirely online! 

Obtain Your Certification -
Programs Begin June 2021

The programs begin June 2021 and pre-registration is required. 

Professional GBS™ Certification obtained:
Certified Business Services Institute Professional™ (BSIP™ Designation)

The training is brought to you by Inixia, a leader in practical business services and digital transformation, in an initiative to professionalize Global Business Services through clearly defined standards and best practices; training; certification; and advisory services.

Program Benefits

Become certified as a GBS professional  

Using a proven methodology based on highly successful companies

Obtain a guided framework

Receive a step-by-step action plan, questions, checklists, schedule, stakeholder involvement guide, and measurable outcomes

Develop a framework tailored for your particular context

Enable digital transformation to be the innovation engine for your organization

Create value and reduce costs

GBS provides a first-of-its-kind opportunity to certify your organization to deliver up to 50% cost reductions, increased agility and 3X the value creation

Professional GBS™Certification
Agenda At-A-Glance 

This program is divided into 5 major components:
Foundation, Service Management, Operations Management, Transformation & Change Management and Leadership.

The foundation course is based on a common set of terminologies. Having a shared language is important for our discussion of the business model/operating model, understanding how to operationalize the work in GBS.

The three vertical pillars that rest on that foundation are: Service Management, Operations Management and Transformation & Change Management.

The overarching theme, Leadership, incorporates the skills and knowledge needed to truly liaise with the business. Leadership includes how to articulate the value proposition, constantly discover new opportunities for the business, reinvent a business model, automate and, importantly, build key capabilities for the business.

Meet Inixia's Founders

Filippo Passerini
President, Inixia 

World-class business and digital technology strategist, with decades of business-building career with Procter & Gamble, President of P&G's GBS Operations and Enterprise CIO.

Tony Saldanha
CEO, Inixia

Globally recognized expert and thought leader in Global Business Services (GBS) and digital technology, with a 27-year career running Procter & Gamble's multi-billion dollar GBS and IT operations globally.


Who Should Get Certified in Professional GBS?

The certification programs are designed for SSO and GBS practitioners at all levels.
We encourage students to enroll in the full, Professional GBS Certification Program (5 modules, 51 hours).

Pillar certification is available upon request.

Your instructors are current or former senior practitioner executives from Fortune 20 companies drawing upon more than 1,000 years of practical operational experience leading and developing best-in-class Global Business Services (GBS) organizations.