Post-Conference Workshop

Post-Conference Workshop

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Workshop C | Applying Data and Analytics to Create Real Business Impact

Sereen Teoh - Chief Financial Officer, AirAsia BIG
Finance 4.0 and Finance 5.0 is built upon data and analytics. The ability to use data and analytics to give insights and influence business strategies gives organisations competitive advantages. Hence, the value of finance is created by the ability to harness, transform and make sense of data. Insights are meaningless if they are not communicated effectively. In this workshop, learn the art of data storytelling and creating actionable impact.
  • Learning to use insights in crafting your story and communicate effectively
  • Improving your analytics presentation and ability to formulate an action plan
  • Following the guidelines for creating high-impact reports and presentations

Sereen Teoh

Chief Financial Officer
AirAsia BIG

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop D | Future-Proofing Your Workforce Talent by Building a Succession Plan with Actionable Milestones

Chen Theng Aik - Director and Head of Center for Financial Services (CFS), Pall Corporation
CFOs play a strategic leadership role, especially in digitising organisations. A gap in leadership can result in major setback. CEOs are expecting CFOs to have their succession plan ready to avoid such disruption to protect the interest of the organisation. Having a succession plan prepared ahead of time will aid in a smooth transition. Successors, whether sourced internally or externally, should possess the skillset and capacity to lead organisations in a digital age. This workshop will equip you with the framework to continue your legacy.
  • Guiding you in building a strong team to avoid leadership gap
  • Assessing your organisation, talents and capabilities to design a succession plan with specific milestones
  • Understanding direct reports’ ambitions and qualifications for their promotability

Chen Theng Aik

Director and Head of Center for Financial Services (CFS)
Pall Corporation