How are Canadian Shared Services Organizations Implementing IA in 2019?

How are Canadian Shared Services Organizations Implementing IA in 2019?

More than a quarter of Canadian jobs will be heavily disrupted by automation in the next decade and half will require a new mix of skills. But this doesn't mean those jobs are going away.

The Canadian economy will create 2.4 million new jobs between now and 2021 — although almost all of them will require a different approach. The economy will be built on a mobile workforce, constantly learning, training and upgrading to meet the demands of a changing world. Although the economy is shifting, Canadian employers are generally not prepared (through hiring, training or retraining) to recruit and develop the skills needed to make their organizations more competitive in a digital economy.

With this in mind, we took a look at how Canadian shared services organizations are implementing intelligent automation in 2019.

Download this infographic to discover:

  • Which industries are leading the IA revolution and which ones are proving to be stagnant to change
  • Where the market stands in regards to IA project placement, project maturity, function placement, and process breakdown
  • And much more!

Some highlights include:

  1. A majority (51%) of IA adopters are from Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  2. 89% of IA adopters are at the implementations only phase
  3. 33% have placed their IA project within the Finance & Accounting function

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