The Intelligence Revolution: Future-Proofing Canada's Workforce [Deloitte Report]

Workplaces are being transformed— redefining what it means to hold a job. Canadians at all levels of business and government must not only recognize how the Intelligence Revolution is reshaping the world, but also actively embrace this change to stay ahead of it.

This report aims to provide meaningful insight into the new world of work, with the hopes of jump-starting a meaningful discussion among Canadian business executives, government leaders, and workers in regards to how they can thrive in the Intelligence Revolution. With this goal in mind, this report outlines the future-proofed capabilities Canadians will need to succeed in the Intelligence Revolution, as well as a series of recommendations that must be implemented to put you on the path to success.

So how can Canadian workers best prepare for these changes? Simply download the report to discover all of the opportunities around you.

“Work has always been disrupted— just the speed is changing.”
Steve Orsini
Secretary of the Cabinet, Head of the Ontario Public Service, and Clerk of the Executive Council, Government of Ontario

Report courtesy of Deloitte.