2019 SSOW China Sponsorship Opportunities

As the largest network for Shared Services & Outsourcing professionals, SSON provides a unique platform which encourages open conversation between practitioners and solution-providers.


Five Easy Ways To Get Involved:


1. Demonstrate Thought Leadership


Position your company as a thought leader by moderating one of our Panel Discussions, leading one of our Interactive Roundtable Sessions, inviting your strategic clients for Client Testimonials– or even deep-dive into some of the biggest issues by facilitating our pre-or post-conference Workshops.

通过主持我们的小组讨论之一,引导您的公司成为思想领袖,领导我们的一个互动圆桌会议,邀请您的战略客户进行客户推荐 - 甚至通过促进我们的前或后 - 深入探讨一些最大的问题会议研讨会。

2. Showcase Your Solutions – Front & Centre

展示您的解决方案 - 前端和中心

Book an Exhibition Booth and demonstrate first-hand how your product/service is the solution to their problem.


3. Network & Generate Leads For Your Business


Optimise your networking opportunities and get right in front of key decision makers by hosting a Private Luncheon or even taking up our 1:1 Meeting Packages with qualified leads.


4. Boost Industry Visibility & Corporate Branding


Enhance your corporate profile and branding by hosting a Cocktail Reception, one of our Networking Breaks – the most conducive time for you to interact with your prospects.

通过举办鸡尾酒招待会来增强您的企业形象和品牌,这是我们的网络休息之一 - 这是您与潜在客户互动的最有利时间

5. Awards Branding


Remain front-of-mind of your target audience by exhibiting your solutions or sponsoring our delegate bags and lanyards. SSON Excellence Awards. Branding including 8 Customised booth options, 1 Lanyard Sponsor, 1 Official Bag Sponsor.

通过展示您的解决方案或赞助我们的代表包和挂绳,保持目标受众的首选。 SSON卓越奖。品牌包括8个定制展位选项,1个挂绳赞助商,1个官方包赞助商。

To find out more about the outstanding sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, contact us now at +65 6722 9388 or email sponsorship@iqpc.com.sg to discuss how we can tailor our sponsorship packages to suit your business objectives.

如需了解有关杰出赞助和展览机会的更多信息,请致电+65 6722 9388或发送电子邮件至sponsorship@iqpc.com.sg与我们联系,讨论我们如何根据您的业务目标量身定制赞助方案。