Driving Malaysia’s Digital Economy 
through Shared Services
Business Intelligence • Process Excellence • Human Capital Management

The hallmark of shared services and GBS business model creates a demand for business intelligence, process excellence, and human capital management to deliver global business at scale. From “Back office” to “One Office”, we look at how data and technology leveraged to automate and innovate, creating partnership powered operations to redefine new ways of working with expanded job scope through standardized business processes.

How can Malaysia retain its competitiveness in the digital economy ranking index?

How can SSOs transform through shared services, global business services, and outsourcing strategies?

The annual Malaysian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week will focus on the guiding principles to hire the right talent and how we can fast-track our SSOs with continuous improvement to unlock further value and growth through Centres of Excellence.

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2020 Hot Themes

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Malaysian’s Shared Services Digital Economy Outlook

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Creating Value with Business Intelligence

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Integrated Intelligent Automation

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Change Management in a People-Oriented Organization

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Digital Global Business Services

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The Future of Shared Services in Malaysia’s Digital Economy

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SSON is the only global branding with 23 years of global presence in the shared services and outsourcing space working with Fortune 500 companies.

Deep practitioner’s experience in SSOs transition with wide insight and enriching experience as the catalyst of change, creating, and growing value with your organization.