Read what SSON’s past attendees said about our prior SSOW Philippines events

"Very valuable. It is reassuring to know that SSON hosts such a good event in the Philippines. Very good networking as well. I will benchmark with some people I met during the conference."

Accounting Manager, Stolt Tankers BV

"The summit gave me a chance to learn about actual success stories in transforming customer experience. Change is happening faster than you realize in the regional/global landscape."

First Vice President and Head of Operations, BPI-Philam Life Insurance Company

"Tony Meloto was just amazing. He inspires the Filipino spirit in the individual. Listen to him and you will never be the same again!"

Finance Controller/Commercial Manager, GHD PTY LTD

"It was a great pleasure to join the Henkel site tour in Manila. I was very impressed with the team and the work they were doing. I would encourage SSON to continue doing these tours with other service providers as it is a great learning and sharing experience. I especially enjoyed watching the art work in the cafeteria that the Henkel’s team had put together!"

Operations Director of Global Financial Solutions, Pfizer

"The opportunity to continue discussions even after the event is extremely useful. It’s a great way to collaborate better and ensure that we sustain / grow the industry."

Global Supply Chain Operations Senior Manager, Lexmark Philippines

"The value of these conferences is in the way it inspires and affirms you that you are in the right place and there’re more opportunities to move the business forward."

Service Management HR Shared Services Asia, Philip Morris International

"A management retreat for GICs."

GM/VP, Chevron

"The SSON has done a superb job bringing the shared services industry members together on a professional platform."

Global Finance Services Manager, FMC Croporation

"Very insightful... interesting topics and definitely an informative conference. A perfect place too to grow your network and get a glimpse of how certain things are handled by the best in the Industry."

General Manager for the Manila Office, Loanworks Technologies

"I am glad I decided to attend. It was a very fruitful 3-Day event. Lots of learning and good relationships built with peers in the industry."

Global Shared Services Manager, Aureco Australasia Pty Ltd

"Insightful. Not only does it provide you with new knowledge, it validates your strategy with other similar organizations."

Director, Client Management and Development, Business Process Outsourcing International, Inc.

"Excellent representation from the Philippines SSO community!"

Partner, KPMG

"Very enriching sharing of ideas, insights from the speaker and participants"

Head of HR Global Shared Services Center, Ericsson

"Very informative, I gained a lot of learning which I can apply in our company"

Service Leader – Technical Development and Business Integration, Jollibee Worldwide Services

"Its very valuable because it have me an insight on the experiences of matured SSC and as well as the varying issue and concern of new SSC"

Account Arrangement Services Head, ABS-CBN

“The conference was very much interactive.  It was a very good learning activity and it expanded my network horizon.”

Finance Operations Head, Manila Finance Shared Service Center, Emerson Process Management

“This conference validates how other shared services work.  Glad to know how appreciative other leaders were in terms of having the experienced resources from other shared services organization. Ways of working/ practices are almost similar but then it's not bad to learn from others who have been in the industry for sometime.  Looking forward to more sessions like this!”

Business Process Manager, Mondelez Business Services AP Pted Ltd- PH Branch