We HEART Teams!

We Image result for heart iconTeams!

Learning as a team is the quickest, most efficient and most fun way to improve skills and knowledge across your business. It's also the best way to optimize your training spend.

Here at the Shared Services & BPO Week Philippines we understand the difference it can make to your organization to access learning and networking opportunities as a team, and we've crafted our event to help you meet those needs. 

Shared Services & BPO Week Philippines 2016 is structured around opportunities for all Global and Regional Directors and Leads of Shared Services, Finance, HR and GBS professionals – to learn, share and network.

All tied together with frequent networking, thought leadership keynotes, interactive discussion groups and streamed sessions, SSO Week Philippines really can take your team to the next level!

Our pricing packages also recognize the value of team attendance to the event, with price breaks available when you book over 3, 5 or 10 group members. You can request more information about our group pricing packages here. 

What's more!

In addition to the exceptional event space, Shared Services & BPO Week Philippines offers your team an area for sharing, networking and discuss the event experience!

SSO Week Philippines is the perfect platform to bring your entire team to  energize, connect, and motivate

  • Ignite, inspire and energize your team at SSO Week Philippines

Setting a few minutes a day or more aside for connecting with your team boosts morale and allows employees to get to know one another in a different setting to the day to day job, which in turn increases productivity and working relationships.

  • Connect with your team

Having a meeting room for your team situated at the event makes it easier for your team to network, share ideas, and discuss the event highlights and learnings on the spot!

  • Motivate your team

Having an on-site meeting room for your team enables employees to work together on a solution for the business, and allows individuals to have an input to that solution, giving them a greater sense of motivation and job satisfaction

Register your team of 10 here or email us at enquiry@ssonetwork.com to find out more.