Why Attend

Why Attend?

Over the last 12-24 months, we have witnessed rapidly changing market conditions in Philippines. As a result, organizations that want to be more agile when responding to external conditions are turning to their SSCs, expecting a further drilling down of costs and a return to the primary focus of squeezing even more efficiencies and economies of scale across multiple functions.

However, it's been proven that centers still in the early stages of their establishment are struggling to see tangible results from cost-saving and value-adding initiatives.

On top of that, many established SSCs are still battling with internal issues. A recent surveyed revealed the following major challenges Philippines SSCs are facing:

At this annual Shared Services and BPO Week Philippines event, be prepared to tackle these challenges, to set all-new benchmarks and outperform previous records by evaluating the latest initiatives impacting SSCs in the region. Tackle the employee attrition rate once and for all and assess what new benefits technology and automation can bring to your operations. Only at this event, will you discover insights from captives and BPOs that will embed the next phase of service delivery through optimized process efficiencies and enhanced employee engagement.

This year’s conference brings fresh and exciting insights, with more interactive sessions covering the top challenges and giving you answers to ramp up your operations. Featuring a line up of 30 speakers, and streamed session in HR, F&A and multi-function, you will discover and take away practical techniques to apply and improve service delivery in your operations.

Download the full event brochure to understand the best practices you will take away after attending the conference.