Day One, 26th April 2021

9:00 am - 9:45 am Accelerating the Path to Modern Accounting, Streamlining Reconciliation Processes and Improving Financial Integrity

Eckhard Leist - Project Manager Closing and Reporting, Siemens
Dirk Bellefontaine - Value Architect, BlackLine
Marek Sobczyk - Process Manager, Finance Shared Services, Siemens

In a time when the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty, it may seem like a safe bet to stick with the status quo. By the current state of manual accounting has an overall increase in your overall costs: the cost of time, the cost of risk, the cost of declining employee morale, and the overreaching cost of actual expense. Traditional manual accounting processes are not sustainable, and if you’re not making changes to move your accounting processes forward, you’re allowing them to slide backwards. This new way of thinking is here, and if you’re not on board, you will be left behind. 

Join Dirk Bellefontaine, Value Architect at BlackLine and Eckhard Leist, Project Manager, Closing and Reporting at Siemens to gain insights on how BlackLine supported Siemens to increase efficiency and leverage automation. 


Eckhard Leist

Project Manager Closing and Reporting


Dirk Bellefontaine

Value Architect


Marek Sobczyk

Process Manager, Finance Shared Services

10:00 am - 10:45 am How Strong Is Your Process Governance? (And Can Digital Transformation Help?)

Binu Surendranath - Global Process Owner - Finance Payout, Microsoft
Aleksander Hajdas - Global Process Owner – Procure to Pay, Avon

Great process governance has two important aspects: leadership and the management of standards and practices. Both are important and vital to the establishment of a smooth-running end-to-end process. In recent times, digital transformation has helped cascade new processes across organizations by rolling out operating procedures and policies organization-wide, but how easy is it to implement and are their other ways? This session looks at this, focusing on:

• Creating a single source of truth for your process

• Engaging everyone in your organization and ensuring effective knowledge management

• Assigning roles, responsibilities and accountability


Binu Surendranath

Global Process Owner - Finance Payout


Aleksander Hajdas

Global Process Owner – Procure to Pay

Shared Services and Global Business Services are set to double down on finance digitisation to reach new heights in service delivery. During this data rich session, attendees will receive highlights from SSON’s State of the Industry Survey 2021, providing insights on end-to-end process performance, governance, technology and world-class benchmarks. Attendees will also participate in a live demonstration of SSON Analytics various benchmarking tools. 


Naomi Secor

Global Managing Director
Shared Services & Outsourcing Network


Barbara Hodge

Global Editor and Industry Analyst
Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON)

Shared Services have arguably seen more disruption in the last 12 months than the last 12 years, bringing new and urgent demand for change! Added to the perennial fight for collaboration and ownership, which GPOs face, they must now navigate a raft of new and urgent demands such as accelerated automation and remote working. Traditional change management practices with lengthy timelines and clunky rollouts won’t cut it anymore. As shared services re-think their service portfolios and companies shift their operating models, change management is required to be quick, agile and in many cases virtual. In this panel, our GPO experts talk about how they have tackled change management in the last 12 months and what they have learnt. 


Janet Ramey

Sourcing Change, Inc.


Chris Deery

Vice President, Finance Operations


Joanne Gavigan

Director, Global Process Owner, A2R