Theodor-Iulian Ladar

HR Operations & Leadership METRO AG

Workshop / Fokustag RPA & Intelligent Automation - 18. Nov. 2019

Monday, November 18th, 2019

9:30 AM Masterclass: Data Analytics – Transitioning from Numbers to Stories

During 2019 we embarked on a journey of learning and discovery – which bits of data lend themselves for reliable analysis? Can we rule out spurious correlations? Can we use data to help our colleagues grow, while keeping costs in check? Can we do all this and still be more operationally effective? Payroll, Controlling, Training and Operations converge into aggregated stories. What comes out is not an index, but… let’s find out.

- First, there were numbers.
- Then there came KPIs.
- It’s now time to glue the decimals together into concise, actionable content for business leaders. Stories.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Theodor-Iulian.

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