Dennis Lui

Chief Executive VITAL Shared Services

26 Oct 2020, Monday Business Resilience Focus Day

Monday, October 26th, 2020

10:10 AM Emerging Stronger During COVID-19 – Singapore’s VITAL Shared Services

COVID-19 has stripped away all frills, and shown that Shared Services is truly essential! There has never been a time where we have been given greater clarity on what needs to be done, to support our business partners and customers so that we can keep them going. It would be remiss for CEOs and business leaders to just merely look at crisis management and business contingency plans. Shared Services Organisations should fully capitalise on the new opportunities provided by COVID-19 to propel their organisations to greater heights. The ambition should be to emerge stronger than ever before, even as we have to face with the crisis of today. Chief Executive Dennis Lui, who took over the reins at VITAL Shared Services will share his thoughts on: 

• Taking over a Shared Services Organisation in the midst of a crisis outbreak 

• Navigating leadership challenges in the era of COVID-19 and Work-From-Home era 

• Looking after our people and amplifying their work during COVID-19

• Strategising and positioning Shared Services to emerge stronger in the COVID-19 environment

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Dennis.

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