18-20 November, 2019
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Nordic Business Transformation Blog

How to Succeed with Customer Driven Business Transformation ft. Danske Bank

Kasper Uhd Jepsen, Danske Bank’s Head of Concepts & Insight, Transaction Banking outlines the three steps that ensure your data-driven customer strategy is a success.

7 Key Findings from the 2019 Nordic Business Transformation Benchmarking Report

In the lead up to Nordic Business Transformation, SSON surveyed Shared Services organizations in the Nordics market to find out how shared service organisations in the Nordics are supporting successful transformation.

Managing Change in the Face of Uncertainty ft. Intrum

Jean-Luc Ferraton, Intrum, provides a preview of the key factors and initiatives that have contributed to the businesses success during their own transformation, and how the organisation intends to keep the ball rolling.

The 4 Drivers of Digital Transformation by SSON

We explore the four factors that not only enable transformation, but can also disrupt it and provide actionable insight on how to use them to to make digital transformation work.

Managing Change within the Retained Organisation ft. Bombardier

Many organisations focus on the processes being moved to the outsourcing centre while neglecting to pay enough attention to the significant change management initiative the retained organisation must undergo

The Journey to Digital Transformation ft. Posti

With insight from Jani Rahja, we share a teaser of Posti's RPA journey and explore some of the numbers behind the prevalence of digital technologies in the Nordic region.

How Gamification can Power Up the Customer Service Experience ft. Klarna

We talk to Roshni Bharadwaj, Product Manager for Klarna, about how the business is rebooting the customer service experience to take it to the next level with gamified agent experiences.

Why Digital Transformation is The Biggest Change Leadership Challenge ft. Volkswagen AG

Falke Bothe, Director Digital Transformation Office at Volkswagen AG shares his thoughts on the challenges of today’s business world and offers some insight in how to take them on.

Lessons on the Road to RPA ft. MAN Energy Solutions & Thomas Cook

We speak with two automation experts at differing points of their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) transformation journey, about the lessons they have learnt so far and their plans for the future.

How Design Thinking can Humanise the Digital Process ft. Viessman Group

In the age of user-centricity and customer experience, Design Thinking is coming to the fore. SSON’s editor talks to Mito Mihelic, Head of Design Thinking at Viessmann Group.