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At SSOW Autumn 2019 we spoke about;
Revolutionalising Value: Intelligent Automation,
Data-Driven Service Innovation, and Impactful
Next-Gen Talent Strategies

Value-add within Business Services is not a new concept, and yet according to SSON’s 2019 Global State of the Industry, 70% of Business Services are struggling to define or to transition into a model where they are successfully adopting a knowledge-based, value-add framework. Those that are showing a strong and obvious commitment to moving away from “traditional, transactional” to true value-add are doing so by widening their scope, by championing intelligent process improvement, automation and data analytics, creating centres of excellence and internal competencies that will demonstrate their value to the business.

However, technology is only one part of the puzzle. In order to develop a service-centric organisation, pioneering organisations need to be continuously evolving to changing business needs. Change management and culture creation needs to be embedded into the heart of service organisations, and companies need to be prioritising innovative talent management solutions to ensure engagement, productivity and in turn retention remain high.

Innovative Business Services organisations need to be gaining the trust and support of their businesses through data-driven service innovation, intelligent automation and next generation talent management strategies in order for them to truly create value added agile service. Are you ahead of the curve, or chasing it?

SSOW Autumn, Europe's longest running Business Services Event, is where 200+ attendees and 70+ speakers came together through 36 hours of learning via a plethora of formats and 12 hours of networking to discuss with peers whether they were in fact ahead of the curve or chasing it, and their future plans and strategies.

2019 Expert Speaker Panel

The hot topics discussed at SSOW Autumn 2019

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Digitial Transformation

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Adding Value

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Employee Engagement and Culture Creation

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Change Management and Transformation

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Customer Centricity

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Business Transformation in the Age of the Digital Economy

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Growth & Differentiation Through Embedded Analytics

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Customer Success from Industry to Industry

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Key Trends & Technologies Impacting the Analytics Landscape

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And much more!

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SSON’s European Shared Services and Outsourcing Weeks (SSOW) have been running for 19 years, and are Europe’s longest-running Business Services events. We have more end user practitioner speakers than any other Business Services event in Europe, and as a result we are the perfect place for Business Services professionals to develop a solid strategy to address their challenges. This year, SSON will be hosting not one, but two industry-leading meetings, one in Spring and one in Autumn.

SSO Week has provided shared services professionals with the resources and connections they need to succeed, through industry-leading events; digital content such as reports, surveys, interviews, editorial, whitepapers, videos, and infographics; and data analytics.

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