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The global COVID-19 pandemic has made organisations in China realise the true benefit of digitisation and remote solutions. Business leaders in China are increasingly exploring different electronic tools and technology to enhance business efficiency, service delivery and more. This is also encour ...

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Shared Services China Week - Attendee Snapshot

The Shared Services & Outsourcing China Week is a dedicated platform for community discussions on solidifying China’s competitive advantage within the global Shared Services map. Have ...


去年是人类历史上的一个分水岭。2020年1月,面对前所未有的全球新威胁,中国处于 即将爆发的大流行的最前沿,承受着团结一心、共同抗疫的巨大压力。鉴于迪士尼、耐 克、麦当劳和现代等许多跨国企业已开始对中国高效的工厂生产和日益富裕的消费者产 生依赖,中国市场的关闭无疑给这些企业带来了革命性的变化。

The Future of Flexible Work in China’s Shared Services Centres.

With the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic in the early months of 2020, China became the first country to embark on the largest work-from-home (WFH) experiment ever conducted. As China’s workforce begins to return to offices, lessons from some of its leading companies and their respective SSCs will ...

China Market Report 2021 - State of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry

Last year marked a watershed in human history. In January 2020, facing an unprecedented new global threat, China found itself at the forefront of a soon-to-be pandemic and under pressure to rally together behind a common national purpose. With many multinationals including Disney, Nike, McDonald’ ...

请阅读 - 智能自动化正在重塑共享服务中心


Speaker Interview - Transforming Shared Services with GBS and Intelligent Automation

Interview with Siemens and HSBC1. Lynette Sha, Head of Shared Services, Siemens2. Edward Xu, Vice President, HSBC

嘉宾专访 - 全球共享服务和智能自动化助力共享服务转型

西⻔⼦和汇丰银行专访1. Lynette Sha,共享服务负责人,西门子2. Edward Xu,卓越转型流程&金融犯罪监管服务副总裁,汇丰银行

Read the Article - How Intelligent Automation Is Shaping Up In Chinese SSCs

As we turn to multiple technologies that can combine in different ways to enhance the skills and ability to the existing workforce and to improve physical capital, in this report we unravel a global perspective on the challenges that hamper the growth of SSCs in the era of automation to boost pro ...

Read the Full Report - State of The Global Shared Services Market Report 2019

The consistent, aggressive commitment to productivity improvements (more than half the global SSOs are targeting 7+% per year) are keeping Shared Services leaders focused on innovative solutions that improve effectiveness, efficiency and performance. Today, that is predominantly achieved by lever ...

请阅读 - 2019年全球共享服务市场状况报告

持续、积极地致力于提高生产力(超过一半的全球共享服务组织的目标为每年提高生产率7%以上),让共享服务领导者专注于提高效率、效能和绩效的创新解决方案。如今,这主要通过利用自动化和数据分析来实现。今年的报告分为五个指导现代共享服务的核心领域:运营模式;战略;人才;自动化与数字化劳动力;未来的技术 ...

Shared Services Centers (SSCs) in China are on the cusp of achieving digitally-enabled Shared Services, but challenges remain.

This report will cover a couple of essential factors in the digitalization of Shared Services in China. It will:Look into the leading cause of difficulties in IA/RPA initiatives - ProcessShed light on the state of data-readiness in China-based SSCsShare key perfo ...

State of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry - The China Report 2018

Every year, the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) surveys the global marketplace for insights on trends, technologies and practices that drive performance. These insights are then analysed and collated into our annual industry report. SSON’s annual industry report highlights t ...

共享服务和外包行业的现状 - 2018年中国市场报告


Augmenting Your Human Workforce with a Robotic Workforce

In a digital world, how can being more human become the key to unlocking greater growth? As enterprises adopt intelligent automation across their operations, it is important that they clearly define and plan how the human element can and will differentiate services. For shared services an intelli ...


在数字时代,人的作用其实更加凸显,如何实现“科技+人”的结合变成了商业增长的关键。随着企业在日常运营中采用越来越多的人工智能,如何定义以及计划你的人力资源将会为共享服务中心的差异化服务做出贡献。对于共享服务行业来讲,必须要将您的人工智能战略和长期的人力资源战略相结合。这篇文章中您将会了解 ...

How to continuously improve your support services

As enterprises focus on staying ahead of the game how can their support services re-evaluate their modus operandi? How can they continuously improve to deliver more relevant, timely, cost-effective and efficient services? In this article we examine various successful approaches taken across HR an ...


毋庸置疑,下一代共享服务中心专注于持续改进和流程优化,以保证自己的领先地位。高客户满意度、智能、准时、高效、低成本是所有共享人的追求。在这篇文章中,来自顶尖企业的行业专家,将会为您呈现关于HR 和Finance持续改进的具体案例和经验分享。

Benchmarking Analysis of Chinese Shared Service Centers

SSON's global data analytics centre (SSON Analytics) has reviewed internal & external data on Shared Service Centres in China to present this Benchmarking Analytics report. Go through this workbook to discover key metrics and KPIs for China's leading SSCs and more.


There is no doubt that RPA is a hot topic in the Shared Services industry today. Everyone’s talking about it but it is still in its early days of implementation. From a recent SSON survey nearly half of the respondents have not yet executed it. But is there really any benefit in waiting?We ...

Change or Die: Investing in Talent within the Shared Services Industry

In this article, we look at how best to tackle talent growth within shared services. How best to recruit new talent and engage the next generation. How to retain that talent along with the best ways to upskill current staff against a backdrop of ...

Post-Show Report

View the SSOW China 2019 Post Show Report │2019年共享服务与外包上海峰会会后报告

If you missed our event in 2019, you may download the report to find outlast year's attendees and their feedbacklast year's sponsors2019 featured speakersSSON serial events in 2020如果您错过了去年的会议,您可以下载去年上海峰会会后报告查阅:去年的峰会参与者以及他们的会后反馈去年的赞助商2019年的演讲嘉宾2020年SSON会议时间表

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Attendee List - Shared Services and Outsourcing Week China 2019

Take a look at our 2019 Attendee Snapshot to see who were there and who you can expect to meet again at our next show. If you would like to get a copy of this report sent to you directly, click here.

Take a peek at the SSOW China 2021 Preliminary Agenda

The global COVID-19 pandemic has made organisations in China realise the true benefit of digitisation and remote solutions. Business leaders in China are increasingly exploring different electronic tools and technology to enhance business efficiency, service delivery and more. This is also encouraged by the Chinese Government, who has made e-invoicing...


The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Shared Services Strategy

Whilst shared services is a well-established strategy to provide high quality, cost-effective business processes, evidence shows that poor performing organisations struggle to do better than the traditional “back office” model. Shared services must adopt continuous improvement and push for new ways to add value in order to reach their full...

The Ultimate Guide to Implementing Data Analytics

If you are implementing data analytics for your shared services centre, look no further than this ultimate guide. Featuring the essential steps to beginning your implementation, advice on how to attract and retain data scientists and insights and insights into how data analytics is transforming the shared services sector. Download...

Enter the Dragon: The Rise of Chinese Shared Services Centres

Integrating proprietary data from SSON’s 100K global membership and publicly sourced data, Dart Institute (SSON’s Global Analytics Centre) has produced this Visual Analytics Workbook to review the facts and unveil the story behind the rise of Chinese SSCs. 

China Shared Services Location Comparison: Beijing, Dalian Tianjin

As China’s tier 1 cities have become crowded and expensive, alternative locations for shared services and outsourcing have emerged. Cost and location are critical to business success, so to shed light on the opportunities in North East China, this report takes an in-depth look at three hot locations Beijing, Dalian...

China's Shared Services Journey Overcoming Challenges During the First Three Years

To support China’s emerging shared service centres, Shared Services and Outsourcing Network has created this thought provoking ebook in collaboration with KPMG, compiling the best advice and case studies from our global network of shared services practitioners. 


Discussing the Future of Shared Services with the Head of HR GSSCs for Standard Chartered Bank

If there’s one thing that can be relied upon in the shared services sector, it’s change. So to discuss the key technology trends and their implications for the shared services sector, we speak with Robert Mostert, Head of HR GSSCs, Scope International - Standard Chartered Bank.

The HR Analytics Calculator

According to research by SSON, 56% of shared service centres in Southeast Asia ranked analytics as one of their top investment priorities for 2016, but for HR professionals looking at the road ahead, the range of decisions and change required can be daunting. That’s why we have invented the HR...

The Changing HR Climate in China How to Tackle Talent Shortage and Other Challenges

HR departments need to grow beyond their purely administrative functions and fulfill a more strategic role to help foster a work environment that will attract and retain the kind of employees their business needs. This report explores two of the most pressing issues currently developing in China that HR must...


Is Benchmarking Damaging Your Finance Transformation?

Setting the right KPIs are essential to the smooth running of a finance department, but could it be that your approach to benchmarking actually detriments your transformation strategy? Download this exclusive article to find out the right and wrong ways to compare your company’s performance against benchmarking data.

A Guide to Implementing the Latest Solutions for Finance Transformation: Robotic Process Automation and Data Analytics

Two of the most transformative technology solutions available for shared services today are data analytics and robotic process automation; but successfully implementing them is easier said than done. So in order to help Asia’s rapidly growing shared services industry, SSON has collated the very best articles that address the issue...

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Tax Transformation Impact on SSC

Download this presentation, learn the best practices in tax transformation from Zhang Yang, General Manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Investments Group (BIG) China, Business Shared Service Center.

Getting and keeping stakeholder engagement and commitment

In this presentation, Antti Valtokari, Head of Shared Services from KONE Corporation will share the experience in getting and managing the relationships about different stakeholders in their shared services jounrey.

电子发票下的财务共享于大数据应用经验 | Finance Shared Services and Big Data in E-invoicing

Vice President & CFO of Zhejiang Dahua Technology, Mr Wei Meizhong will shared their experience and challenges in adopting e-invioices..浙江大华技术股份有限公司副总裁兼CFO魏美钟先生将去年峰会的演讲中分享了大华在向电子发票转型的过程中遇到的困难与宝贵的经验。

Climbing Up The Value Chain Through Strategic Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an important part of shared services jounrey and most of companies are not able to simply aviod this topic. John Gregory, Global Business Services Lead of Kellogg show the best practices in strategic outsourcing.

Building New Career Paths: The Emergence Of The Global Business Services Professional

In this presentation, Ben Huang, Panalpina Global Business Services Center Head will share their best practices and innovative method in talent management

5 Successful Use Cases on RPA Implementation

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is already making a huge impact on the way businesses configure their front, mid, back office operations and processes.Download the article below to understand what early adopters are doing to deliver more value through RPA implementation. 



What Can GBS Do For Your Enterprise

The concept of Global Business Services has been around since the turn of the Millennium, and global brands like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever and Coca-Cola have already pioneered its development as the natural next step in their Shared Services journey. As many of today's advanced Shared Services models incorporate "Asia"...

2017 中国共享服务领域调研报告

为了深入了解共享服务模式在中国的实践应用、发展趋势以及未来挑战,帮助企业决策者把握财务转型带来的机遇,SSON的长期合作伙伴ACCA 与中兴财务云、通用电气(GE)全球运营联合设计中国共享服务调研问卷,内容涉及共享服务中心的战略规划、运营管理、人员管理等各个方面,面向共享服务领域管理者、领先企业财务高级管理者及行业相关人士展开调研。

国旅: FSSC的应用价值 | CITS: the Value of FSSC

中国国旅CFO陈文龙在接受采访时表示,旅游行业的特点之一是面临激烈的市场竞争,经营模式灵活多变,跨界进入者众多,对财务管理提出了巨大的挑战——财务如何转型,并以此带动业务转型。中国国旅的共享建设成果,更有力的验证了财务共享服务对于服务型企业财务管理转型的重要推动和领头作用。Mr. Chen Wenlong, the CFO of CITS, indicated that high competitive environment and variable business models are the main features of the tourism industry, which posed the great challenge to financial management. CITS proved that finance shared services played an important role in finance transformation.

机器人流程自动化实施指南 -- 两大成功案例中的洞见与收获



SSON Impact Awards China 2019 - Change Management Impact Award│2019中国SSON影响力奖 - 变革管理奖

变革管理奖  - 无论您的共享服务处于什么阶段,变革都是一直存在的。作为日常运营的一部分,管理变革的能力对于文化转型至关重要。该奖项侧重于共享服务中心在变革管理战略,改进方法,员工参与度等方面所作出的进步。

SSON Impact Awards China 2019 - Process Improvement & Value Creation Impact Award│2019中国SSON影响力奖 - 杰出流程改进和价值创造奖

杰出流程改进和价值创造奖 - 流程创新有许多种形式,如以客户为中心的方法,实施业务对标,培训与创新项目,六西格码项目等等。请告知我们您在流程创新和价值创造中的尝试,我们期待您的故事。

SSON Impact Awards China 2019 - Customer Centricity Impact Award│2019中国SSON影响力奖 - 杰出客户体验奖

杰出客户体验奖 - 客户的期望和行为的改变已经引起了共享服务行业和商业模式的变化。企业正通过前台和后台流程的改进来加强客户体验。如何利用传统的客户体验工具为企业内部和外部客户创造无缝体验。我们期待您的故事。

SSON Impact Awards China 2019 - Business Transformation Impact Award│2019中国SSON影响力奖 - 杰出转型奖

杰出转型奖 - 不管是企业内共享,外包还是混合模式,只要您通过组织结构重组或数字化向共享服务模式进行了成功地转型,实现成本削减、效率提高或价值提升,我们期待聆听您的故事。

SSON Impact Awards China 2019 - Automation Impact Award│2019中国SSON影响力奖 - 杰出自动化奖

杰出自动化奖 - 自动化有多种形式 - 从工作流程到自助服务系统,机器人过程自动化,甚至人工智能。告诉我们自动化是如何改变您的共享服务中心的!

SSON Impact Awards China 2019 - Creative Talent Management Impact Award│2019中国SSON影响力奖 - 人才管理创意奖

人才管理创意奖 - 有效管理人才是每个共享服务中心的挑战。数字时代对SSO领导者提出了更高的要求。告诉我们您在人才管理方面的创新和成功经验。

SSON Impact Awards China 2019 - Best Shared Services Team│2019中国SSON影响力奖 - 最佳共享服务团队奖

最佳共享服务团队奖  - 团队协作是共享服务的基石,人才管理更是共享服务领域的永恒热门话题。请告诉我们,您的团队是如何协作提升共享服务中心业绩的。

SSON Impact Awards China 2019 - Best Outsourcing Partnership│2019中国SSON影响力奖 - 最佳外包合作奖

最佳外包合作奖 - 如果您与外包合作伙伴的合作取得了骄人业绩,请告知我们。我们想让更多人了解您的成功经验。

Past Presentation Slides

Download the Presentation - Digitizing Your HRSSC by Implementing Disruptive Technology to Improve Service Quality and Customer Experience

Past presentation from Wang Qian, Director of HRSSC, JD Group2018精彩演讲来自京东集团人力资源共享服务中心总监 - 王骞

Download the Presentation - Digitizing HR for Better Employee Experiences of the Future

Past presentation from Krisztina Beer, Head of Regional HR Service Delivery Asia, Sony Mobile2018精彩演讲来自索尼移动通信亚洲区域人力资源交付负责人 - Krisztina Beer

Download the Presentation - Building A World Class Finance Shared Services Centre by Integrating Value Added Services into Existing Models

Past presentation from Cissy Gu, Finance Manager, Eaton Global Financial Service and Systems2018精彩演讲来自伊顿全球金融服务和系统财务经理

Download the Presentation - Leveraging Soft Skill and Hard Skill to Leap-frogging Your SSC for Greater Efficiency

Past presentation from Daniel Rupinta, Head of Shared Services Centre, Grace2018精彩演讲来自格雷斯共享服务中心负责人

Pave a way to the success of GBS

Generating a Roadmap to Global Business Services & Global Process Ownership Success为全球业务服务以及全球流程管理设计合理的路线图Phillip Zhang, Director, Global Business Services, North Asia Region, AkzoNobel张淼,阿克苏诺贝尔,北亚区全球业务服务总监

HR Shared Services as a Key Enabler for Business Growth

HR Shared Services as a Key Enable for Business Growth将人力资源共享服务作为业务增长的关键推动力Chris Disley, Global Vice President Mars Associate Services, Mars IncorporatedChris Disley,玛氏全球服务中心,全球副总裁

Radical Transformation with Digitalization

Growing your Digital Core within SSC to Achieve Business Agility and Excellent Operational Responsiveness将共享服务中心作为企业数字化转型的基石,实现业务的灵活性与卓越的运营响应能力King Lee, General Manager, GE Global Operations Asia李景涛,GE全球运营亚太中心, 总负责人


请下载2021 第九届共享服务与外包峰会中国周会议手册

作为中国旗舰峰会的“第九届共享服务与外包峰会中国周"”强势回归!让我们在2021年3月23日至24日齐聚上海,加入中国乃至全球最大的共享服务与外包网络!请下载2019 第八届共享服务与外包峰会中国周会议手册新冠肺炎疫情肆虐全球,中国企业认识到数字化和远程解决方案的真正好处。中国的商业领袖们积极探索各种电子工具和技术,以提高业务效率、改善服务交付等。此举也得到中国政府的支持,中国政府已将开具电子发票列为2020年所有企业的优先事项。 在经历了“只能采取在线模式”之后,企业认识到需要重新评估现有的业务模式,采用数字技术,以简化流程及提高效率。 第九届中国共享服务与外包周将于2021年再次在上海举行,届时与会者将探讨共享服务中心如何通过数字加速、人员和流程转型保持领先地位及实现强势发展。