Empowering Employees for the Future of Shared Services

Empowering Employees for the Future of Shared Services

In 2020, excellence is defined not only by an organisation’s ability to cut costs and increase efficiency. Today, excellence requires a capacity to provide an outstanding experience for the business’ internal customers by equipping shared service organisation (SSO) and global business service (GBS) employees with an optimal environment and skillset to do so.

With insight from Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2020 speakers Steve Rudderham, Head of Global Business Services at AkzoNobel and Nadia Hutchinson, Global HR Operations Director at Kantar, we explore how the SSOs of two of the world’s leading organisations are managing and driving change among their employees.

"Across all GBS organisations, there is a lot of education still to be done. That comes through communication as people need to understand the strategy and end-game of centralising processes..." - Steve Rudderham, AkzoNobel

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